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#somdocoracao Não tô sabendo lidar com isso ❤️ 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 Cantado Eu não ando só Só ando em boa companhia Com meu violão Minha canção e a poesia Falado Para viver um grande amor direito, não basta apenas ser um bom sujeito. É preciso também ter muito peito, peito de remador. É sempre necessário ter em vista um crédito de rosas no florista, Muito mais, muito mais que na modista! Para viver um grande amor. Conta ponto saber fazer coisinhas: ovos mexidos, camarões, sopinhas, Molhos, filés com fritas - comidinhas para depois do amor. E o que há de melhor que ir para a cozinha e preparar com amor uma galinha Com uma rica e gostosa farofinha para o seu grande amor? @toquinho_antonio 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 #music #musica #musicatop #violao #violão #guitar #deusestanamusica #músicameaproximadedeus
おはん✨ . 今日は Linked Horizon 香港公演初日❗️ . 半分捧げよっと( ー́∀ー̀ )ノ❤️ . あ、 “彼氏起きたなう” に使ってもいいよ😏💕 . #linkedhorizon #進撃の軌跡
My first single will go LIVE later this week! 🙌😁 I can't wait to share it with you guys! ❤️🎤 . . . . . . . . . #singer #music #songwriter #artist #love #musician #instagood #actor #singersongwriter #song #producer #fashion #happy #newmusic #sing #actress #singing #singers #vocalist #style #studio #voice #instamood #musica #instagram #author #writer #comingsoon
What's Y'alls Honest Opinions On Vince Staples? 🤔👇 . . . #VinceStaples has been one of my personal favorite hip-hop artists for a long time now. Although im a big fan of Vince, i've never really posted about him, but due to me relistening to ALL of his work quite recently & him having me fucking rolling on Twitter and his interviews I now have this great appreciation for Vince. A lot of you call yourself fans of Vince but have never heard his Shyne Goldchain tapes, or his collab project with Mac Miller. It's so crazy how much Vince has grown as a artist. In his earlier work, I feel like Vince would've fit perfectly with Odd Future being this "problem child" type rapper if u will and also the beats he used were vert odd future ish sounding, thats why when him and Tyler collabed on Bastard they were so cohesive because i feel like they're styles of rap at the time fit perfectly. Me personally, i love when Vince just raps about his personal life and just spita bars over nice beats but im glad he is experimenting with new sounds on projects like Summertime06, Prima Donna, & Big Fish Theory which have grown on me HEAVILY, i liked Summertime off rips but Prima Donna & Big Fish Theory (minus a few songs) took me a while to get into but im glad i relistened and now i love em. Overall, i think Vince has the potential to become a great artist, he has showed plenty of growth in the years and i think he will continue to excel with his craft. FAVORITE ALBUM: Summertime 06 PROJECTS TO LISTEN TO: Stolen Youth, & Shyne Goldchain Vol. 1 & 2