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We made it to another weekend Warriors 🕺🕺If that's not proof of your fighting spirit, I don't know what is. Enjoy this beautiful weather, and take advantage of this time off that you've earned ❤ #selflove #crossfit #exercise #diet #healthyeating #hotguy #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #shredded #gymfreak #muscle #motivation #inspiration #foodporn #culinary #inkedmen #tattoo #weightlifter #photographer #photography #model #underwear #shirtless #aesthetic #bts #workout
ADVANCED TRX AB WORKOUT | Get your feet in the straps and give this a go if you want serious core burn - I went into the @weareequilibrium studios for a casual chat and they challenged me to this: 🙄 . A1. @trxtraining pikes, knee tucks, straight leg lateral swings, lateral knee tucks - perform 3 reps of each variation without stopping x 3 sets . B1. Swinging Pikes x 10 x 3 sets (make sure you go both ways). . RUNNERS - Please please please make sure you’re doing core and hip stabilising Workouts. What do you think is holding you up and together when you run? If that ability is unstable, injury is not probable but inevitable. This workout is really tough, but if you’ve been feeling like your ab workout needs an upgrade, this is the sequence to try. If you don’t have a TRX or want something a little simpler, give my 7 minute ab workout routine a go on YouTube. It’s more intense than you think, but needs no equipment. I’ll share the link in my stories. . Song: Flume, Holding on. Wearing: @newbalanceuk . #vertuecrew #vertuemethod #abworkout
Do you have the courage to act outwardly on what you see inwardly ...or will you die dreamer ,will you die on the verge and on the edge in the land of "Coulda,woulda,shoulda". It takes courage to be successful,it is far easier not to be successful.Misery will always have company,success breeds contempt.If you don't want to make waves be mediocre,be normal and fit in.If you're more concerned about people than you are God ,then neutralize everything he put into you ,just fit in with everybody else,dress like them,walk like them,act like them,eat like them,go where they go,think like they think,do what they do and once you've neutralized your uniqueness you don't need courage.It takes courage to be different,it takes courage to go where you have never gone before.It takes courage to be exceptional,wise,educated,knowledgeable.In this weak water-bound mediocre society that we live in today ,is there anybody left that's got the courage to say "After all I've been through,I didn't come through all of that just to fit in with normacy.I have the courage to go after my dream". Don't be afraid to walk into the unfamiliar,don't be afraid to do what's deep inside of you to do.You got gifts,you got talents,you got capabilities,you got inventions,you got all these things to unleash to the world.You still gonna do what you have to do to break the cycle.I'm still gonna decide that I love myself enough to do better,bigger and more significant things.But it takes a very strong minded person to decide that because I was born into this doesn't mean that this is gonna define the outcome of what my life and purpose on this earth is destined to be.I see what's not there,I have visions.My visions are bold and unapologetic.They say you gotta think out of the box my mind there is no box.Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.There's even more power to be able to see what doesn't exist and then be able to articulate and verbalize it.Just keeping your minds and your spirits open to the possibilities.I decided to love myself enough to want better,desire better and seek better and move in the direction of something better.
L’uomo di casa😍 #masterchef 👨🏻‍🍳questi prodotti sono per me un grande aiuto quando cucino a casa ma soprattutto quando viaggio!✈️vorresti provarli anche tu per 4 giorni? solo per i primi 10 che mi contattano💌😜
"A Man's Worth Is No Greater Than His Ambition" #dedication #fbf Oman 🇴🇲 Download my New complete eBooks SHREDDED EFFECT & MASS EFFECT 👉Link in my Bio👈WWW.ULISSESWORLD.COM _ 👉🏾For more Programs visit WWW.ULISSESWORLD.COM 👉🏾Clothing - @uapparelworld WWW.UAPPARELWORLD.COM _ #Ulissesworld #Aesthetics #Bodybuilding #Fitness #fitfam #love #me #fit #motivation #inspiration #fit #fitfam #core #abs #arm #biceps #dedication @wawanprotein #oman
I like that I can take the photo myself this way and share it with you whenever I feel like it. By using mirrors! It's not going to be only yoga but different kind of things too... I have some ideas on my mind. 😉 #allwaysnude (ps. If you are wondering... everything is good between me and my boyfriend! ❤😊)
Over-water living at its finest at 📍Sovena Jani #Resort in the #Maldives. Featuring a huge 1,245 square meters of #luxurious living space and uninhabited #views in every direction. This huge #villa features three private #bedrooms, in addition to a study room, a #fitness room, an #outdoor shower and daybed, TV #lounge, walk-in minibar and a sleeping area for the kids, as well as a #waterslide from the top #deck into the #lagoon below | 📸Photo by @hayleyvincent | #tourist_fyi #traviscody