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Margot or Naomi?💞
When grandpa shuffles better than you do. Follow @9gag💃 - - - #9gag #shuffle #dance #grandpa #footwork
Hello Sweden! Tell me some spots I should check out while I'm here 💋🇸🇪
Just put this up on my APP, @allanface shows you how he did my makeup for my DXZ campaign shoot! @covergirl glossy as hell, just like I like it ✨✨✨
Our #BAYWATCH team of superheroes has one mission: Protect the beach at all costs. If you threaten our turf, we'll rock your world w/ Poseidon-level vengeance. Be warned @PriyankaChopra..our tsunami of ass whup is coming for that powerful, sexy, alluring, luscious.. never mind.. just don't f*ck with the Avengers of the Beach. @BAYWATCHMovie MAY 25th. #TrustYourBalls #TheyNeverLie
“I’m drawn to fantastical and natural elements and dark edgy humor in my characters and storylines,” says comic book maker Kaveri Gopalakrishnan ( @kaverigeewhiz), who loves drawing the magical stuff in ordinary life, things that come up when she can’t sleep at 4 a.m., and her “gharelu” (plain, introverted) witch girls. Bangalore, India-based Kaveri thinks of herself, and other freelancer friends, as part of this band of imagined female subjects, describing them as “imperfect, maybe cursing a fair amount, handling mood swings and a full-time career, secret ideas and potions that you develop when most of your day is spent with, well, yourself.” Her illustrations span topics like growing up secrets, body positivity, safe urban spaces for women and questions of privacy. Kaveri examines these themes in her own work and with Kadak Collective, a community of South Asian women who collaborate to self-publish their graphic stories and art. Photo by @kaverigeewhiz
@_abramova_ekaterina Kate, protože jste hodně pracovat v České republice, a budu psát v českém jazyce ve zhodnocení vaši pomoc, Kate otočila mě celou noc, dokud soutěž šel, starost o mě, počínaje číslem 21 a dal mi představovat, že dal výsledek! Mistrovství Ruska řekl soudce oooo žaludek udržovat všechny srovnání hotovo! Kate děkuji #strong #stronger #fitness #flex #instafitness #instafit #instagramanet #muscles #instabodybuilding #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation bodybuildinglifestyle #powerlifting #спорт #бодибилдинг #пауэрлифтинг #инстаграманет #мышца #MSNproLine #СпортивноеПитание #ProLineMsn #fbfm #NativеSportSupplements #DorianYatesNutrition #msnsport #тяжелаяатлетика #штанга #hard_gym #ultimategym #flexgymschelk
Why are these cocks so obsessed with me. 🐱Follow @9gag - - - 📹 @scruffles_fatcat #9gag #instacat #fatcat #fluffy #rooster
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As an animal lover - both land and water - I've been raising my bass for years now on our farm. I feed them like kings with live bait and train them to be extra aggressive killers. I have specialists come in to inspect the water, vegetation and ecosystem to make sure they're living like the top of the food chain predators they are. Big daddy comes home to recharge his batteries & spend time with them and not even one of these ungrateful fat hogs will strike my top water plug I've been working for an hour now. Cool.. just remember who's in charge of the fish food truck you sum bitches. #ResetAndRecharge #JohnsonFarm #WhereEvenTheBassHaveAttitude 🎣🤙🏾
Murex D'or 2017 The Countdown السبت ١٠:٣٠ عبر شاشة الـ #mtvlebanon
In Victoria, Australia, Sunny ( @s.wei_) ventures out to explore the mysterious, foggy forest. 💨 #WHPnaturalbeauty Photo by @s.wei_
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Superhero landing: expectation vs reality. Sound on.🔊 Follow @9gag - - - 📹 @qoomaiboo & 嫺嫺 YouTube #9gag #sugarglider #defyinggravity #superherolanding #skydive
Build it and they will come. I luv building properties that we never have to leave if we don't want to. All inclusive. Excited that on our farm in Virginia, the official #IronParadise2 is going up. Bigger, badder and built on something very special and cool - true warrior mana (spirit) ground. Our farm is built on acres and acres of untouched Civil War battle field land. Many lives lost and blood shed on our rolling hills. During the day when you walk the property, you'll walk thru patches of grass where the temperature drops dramatically around you and no words are said.. we just know what we've just walked thru. Every guest we have stay with us, sleeps in the guest house and the next morning they always say, "Hey in the middle of the night last night we heard what seemed to be footsteps and people working outside". Me and @laurenhashianofficial laugh and I just say, "Yeah there's always work to be done around here". 😉🤙🏾 Grateful man with so much respect and luv for this land I live and build on. Civil War soldiers who fought and died here and the Native Americans before them who bravely and proudly did the same. Oh we gonna get some goooooood workouts in this one. #IronParadise2 #WhereUCantSeeEmButUCanFeelEm #CivilWarSoldiers #NativeAmericanWarriors #PowerfulMana #BloodSweatRespect 💪🏾
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