• Que Grande el sensei shihan, Aikido Santa fe Miyazawa Dojo
    17-May-2017 05:47:22 AM
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From @nalatherottweilerx: "😍🐾💕💁🏻🎀👑" #insta_dogs
Buona serata dall'orsetta 🐻❤️
Pasta for Dogs @pankobunny⠀ 📲 Save this recipe on our app! Link in bio.⠀ INGREDIENTS:⠀ 1 small beet⠀ 2 tbsp water⠀ 2 lbs ground chicken⠀ 1 cup quinoa pasta, cooked according to package⠀ STEPS:⠀ Place the beet in a pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Cook for 45 minutes, or until tender. Drain, then place in a food processor, along with the water, and pulse until smooth. Cool to room temperature.⠀ Combine the beet mixture and ground chicken in a bowl.⠀ Spoon on top of the pasta and serve to your puppy!⠀ #dogfriendly #pets #dogsofig #pasta #beets #chicken #dogtreats
From @leonthemeow: "Welcome home mom! 💖” #catsofinstagram
Tag a boxer who sleeps like this 😴🐶 #zzz #sleep #comfy
Please🙏🤣 By @french_buta
When Mom says you can't have a drink!! ☹️😍 Follow Wild 👉 @wildthedog 👈 Use #gsdstagram to be featured! 🐶
💭I am heartly throwing any effort into this pose.
Love has no boundaries 😊 @puppypark From: unknown