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    21-Apr-2017 18:29:08 PM
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#ПРЕМЬЕРА Муж обьясняет жене зачем нужна любовница 👉Полная версия – в 👥 @marinakravets @demiskaribidis #comedyclub #comedy #камедиклаб #камеди #юмор #смех #funny
I dunno what to say...I'm there coz you're there @anu_karwe Happy birthday!!! ❤️
Snug as a bug _ Custom Blankie to match my pj's by @shopfbl 💙
Like for super gorgeous.. Rakul Preet Singh 😍 Follow @filmygyanfitness Now 😍
😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗 @nidhisin
Quien quiere que ya salga el video de #princesa FT @cncomusic 😱😱😱😱😱😱 😋😋😜
...and I'll yawn and I'll bark and I'll spray your house down 💦
👋🏟⚽️ #HalaMadrid Ready for the Clásico! ¡Listos para el Clásico! #RMClasico
Don't forget to love yourself 🤗
Like for gorgeous.. Anushka 😍 Follow @filmygyanfitness Now 😍
Backside Twang @backsidetwang is our sister account where all you will see are back sides like the one on this '56 beauty. Follow us there too. @Regrann from @backsidetwang - Beautiful. Love wounds and battle scars @Regrann from @humphreybarclay - 60 years of wear and tear on a 1956 Les Paul Custom. Belt buckle at the back, and playing at the back of the neck. Case wear on the lower bout, so this guitar had a really active life - I wonder who played it back in the day? . The top image shows the solid mahogany body under the wear. The late 60's reissues had a maple cap, like Standards. . The neck was broken at the headstock end at some point, but repaired neatly. You can see the black overspray around (thankfully), the serial number. . Pickups are PAFs, with the bridge pickup cavity routed incorrectly so it sits a little closer to the bridge than it should. Mystifying why this happened, although I think Beck's oxblood LP might have been modded this way as well. Soon to be rectified by @playergradevintage . The ABR1 bridge was in later years modified with a wire to stop the saddles falling out. I have a similar trick that works just as well, which you can just see. At the screwdriver end, twist a light gauge string around all of them. That way, if a single string breaks, you're not groping around on the floor for the the saddle. . Even with the later wire retainer, the ABR1 is a poor design, because as the bridge is structurally weakened by the open slots on one side, it can sag under the downforce of the strings. And then one has to bend it back again - at which point it may snap. Possibly the old trick of wrapping the strings backwards and over the tailpiece would help - some like this for tone/playability anyway. . #lespaul #lespaulcustom #fretlesswonder #pafpickup #humbucker #p90 #gibson #gibsunday #lovewounds #battlescars #wellloved #sexyback #backsidetwang #rustedtwang
#Repost from @frenchcharlotteandally ・・・ Dad left this out. Not sure where he thinks he's going but the only thing he needs to pack is…
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