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    21-Apr-2017 18:10:14 PM
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Happy birthday, @ChanningTatum. Nobody looks better in their birthday suit.
When grandpa shuffles better than you do. Follow @9gag💃 - - - #9gag #shuffle #dance #grandpa #footwork
Image by @joelsartore | A sunbittern at the @cincinnatizoo. This is a cryptic bird whose wings have detailed patterns that resemble large eyes. Sunbitterns display their wings in order to frighten and confuse predators. They have also been known to flaunt their wing patterns during courtship and threat displays. These birds have a huge range-- from Guatemala all the way to southern Peru. To see another image of this beautiful bird, check out @joelsartore! . . #sunbittern #birds #naturalpattern #animalpattern #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nikon #photoark #natgeo
Ballerific Throwback Thursday - #lilkim #lefteye #tbt #throwbackthursday
20 years ago, @Oprah said "It's okay to be gay" on my sitcom. She said it to my character, but she also said it to the world.
A scent (and more) to match that summertime feeling.
@natgeo @stevewinterphoto Hey Folk, I'm currently in #LasVegas for the @nabshow. At 4:30 me and @bertiegregory will be on the @canonusa stage. Come over, say hi and get a glimpse of what it took for me and @bertiegregory to get the shots and footage for our up-coming @natgeo story on Jaguars, and Nat Geo WILD TV show. Like this photo of a jaguar diving after a Caiman. #wildlifephotography @natgeowild #canonshooters #onassignment #Brazil #wildlife #canonusapro
Relationship Goa......wait 😳 (vid @theofficialann @iamtrillsheik)
My interview with @KimKardashian is one of the most memorable interviews I've done in a long time.
Ballerific Throwback Thursday - #50cent #nore #tbt #throwbackthursday
@eligashtco @eligashtco صفحه ی الی گشت پر از عکس و مطلب جذاب و خوندنی از دنیای سفر @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco کلی اطلاعات مفید بهتون می ده کلی حرف جذاب برای گفتن داشته باشین @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco همراه با تورها و آفرهای ویژه @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco @eligashtco
Thanks to all those that march today for the planet, for the climate. This shouldn't be a political issue. The US is the only industrialized country that does not embrace the science behind climate change. We’re still debating whether it’s real, while the rest of the world has moved on to clean energy innovation and leadership. Thanks for the vision @jeremyjones. #peoplesclimatemarch #march4pow @protectourwinters
FELICIDADES MA G !!!!! #Repost @luisfonsi with @repostapp ・・・ Con el rey del swag, el bro @jbalvin 👊🏽 #GameChangers #Respeto
Per la serie" scene memorabili di grandi film reinterpretate" oggi è il turno del mitico #karatekid ! Tagga i tuoi amici e #condividi #bastardidentro #scoiattolo
The #Packers have a pair of picks in Round 4 today (No. 108 & 134). A recent 4th-rounder? How about All-Pro tackle @dbak69 (2013) #PackersDraft
Strawberry sorbet with alllllll the sprinkles 🍧🍥🍡🌈🍓🙊
North Ossetia-Alania
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