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Happy 3 yr anniversary to my one and only Stud! I believe everyone deserves someone who makes you the most "you" that you can possibly be. I'm lucky to of found that someone!! I know sometimes Im a handful..good thing you got two hands😜Thank you for loving me the way you do!! 💏🐻🚀❤️ #twopeasinapod #uandmebabes @ry_hubbs
I asked our CTO Jyrki to take this picture of me having beers under Big Ben 🙃
#tbt 2015 - Legend, a male great white shark, flashes his lower pearly whites as he curiously approaches the camera. Legend seemed to dominate my photos from this particular trip, which was no coincidence. The more curious sharks simply approach the camera more often and create more photo opportunity than their shy counterparts. Had this guy not been around, the trip would have been a lot less fruitful in terms of photos. Sometimes, it only takes one camera-friendly individual to turn a trip around, so I'm thankful that Legend spent so much time with us on this one. #greatwhiteshark #greatwhite #whiteshark #sharks #shark #underwater
New in, Protein Noodles❗️ Available in 3 scrumptious flavours with an impressive 13.8g of protein per pot & less than half the amount of fat as your Supermarket alternative. These brand new Protein Noodles are the perfect on the go snack! 🍜🍜 Also.. Less than £1 per pot!! 👊 📸 @jord.venables #myprotein #fuelyourambition #protein #fitfam #fitness #dieting #lifting #muscle #shredded #abs #healthy #workout #training #gym #nutrition #eatclean #weights #health #exercise #bodybuilding #fitspo #motivation
Amazing results using the Express Teeth Whitening service! Book yours today on 1300EXPRESS 💎💎
She's a beast 💪💪 - Credit unknown
The Good Legs fishnet jeans, fishnet jacket and fishnet mini skirt have just dropped and are now available to buy on
Sometimes my work is rated M for Mature, sometimes E for Everyone. Just know I create what I want. You don't like it, find another place of fellowship.
4-packs to help your 6-pack 😊💪🏽 Our #protein drinks are now available in multipacks only in @tescofood stores and at (UK only)
Jeans from @knowstyleusa 🌸
Here in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!!! Live at the @musclenationofficial booth!!! Come see me at the @ausfitnessexoo from 11-3pm fri-Sunday!!! - Stay tuned for the details on the Saturday post expo gym meet up with myself and the guys from MUSCLE NATION!
We all need supportive sisters like this #IRollWithTheBLT
Fit sessions 💕 @deniceemoberg styling the Fit shorts with the Apollo t-shirt. #Gymsharkwomen
仕事終わりに 顔作り直して #グループシューティング ちっと顔だした! 帰りににっきと #ぼっこ志 いって 帰宅 食べた分帰って動く。 #仕事終わり #撮影 #夜食 #ラーメン #鶏白湯 #レアチャーシュー #鶏チャーシュー #オススメ #アメ村 #なんば #こってり
#TransformationTuesday We all want to build curves and we all want to eat more but as soon as the number on the scale goes up WE FREAK THE FUCK OUT!😱😭 . How bloody irrational is that..? . When you get to a healthy level of body fat, the scale is merely a way of tracking progress so that we can understand our bodies more. What's more important is what you see staring back at you in the mirror. If you are liking what you see and you are enjoying your training and your diet, you are NOT failing because the scale is telling you you're heavier... 1. You're winning because you look good but you're heavier so muscle is being made. 2. You're winning because society isn't making you obsess over making that number as low as possible! . Here I am on stage at 58kg SWIPE RIGHT to see me on stage at 53kg . +5kg... if I let the scale rule my opinion of myself I might as well jump off a cliff 😅 . Don't be an idiot. Be rational about this stuff girls! . Dream big. Eat big. Lift big! #BuiltByBird #StrongGirlArmy
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