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    21-Apr-2017 20:05:23 PM
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You'll need this for after your Thanksgiving meal. via @nowthisfuture
“WILL IT SPIN?” - IWC is about innovation and precision engineering. Tap the link in profile to discover how we made a fidget spinner out of mechanical watch parts. #IWCFIDGETSPINNER #IWC150 #SIHH2018
Concept iPhone SE in iPhone X Style! 🔥. What do you think? 🔥📱 Tag an Apple Lover. 👥 Follow: @appleipy
Researcher used 3D printing technology to create structures that “remember” their shape, actively transforming configurations over time in response to environmental stimuli. The video presents a miniature Eiffel Tower that recovers shape after heating to 60 °C and 3D printed multimaterial grippers used to grab an object. Credit: Multimaterial 4D Printing with Tailorable Shape Memory Polymers #innovation #technology #3dprinting #3dprinter