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Simple yet effective upper body workout for girls. Give this workout a try 💪 By @tipstotrain #fitnessoften
HOW ABOUT EATING FOR DISEASE PREVENTION | The backlash on ‘clean eating’ came as a rejection of misogynistic diet culture and the rise of unqualified, misleading information on social media and in that case I agree with the revolt. However, I do and always will promote the benefits of a healthy diet because the absence of health is sickness and ain’t nobody got time for that. . The truth is that a lean body does not necessarily represent a healthy one and vice versa - so we need to stop thinking of health just in terms of what we ‘see’ and instead base it on measurable markers like resting heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, balanced hormones, quality stool (yep, that’s pooh), energy levels, heart rate variability, sleep quality etc. . Sadly, I can’t really make those things very appealing on instagram (no one wants to see a picture of ideal stool pop up in their feed #poohgoals #poospo #digestedaf ) But it doesn’t make them any less important. . SO GRAB A PACK OF BROCCOLINI AND DO THIS: . Pre-heat your oven to 200degrees Celsius. . Oil up an oven proof dish, throw in your broccoli along with some olive oil, juice of half a lemon and a crushed clove of garlic. . Mix it up with your hands because it’s sexier to do it that way. . Roast those babies for 15-20 mins (depending on the power of your oven). . Get that green goodness in and around your mouth. . It might not be as convenient as the microwave but who really wants soggy, microwave steamed, flavourless veggies....? Make your vegetables taste good and you’re more likely to consume them. . Cook up a huge batch and you can take some for lunch. . #vertuecrew #vertuemethod #vertueeats
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Now that i have your attention. BE THE CHANGE. Veganism is the future. All animals are sensitive & emotional beings. They feel love, joy, pain & sorrow. They are actually very smart. They are not much different from us yet are treated so badly. Born into this world just to be slaughtered, never see the light of day, raped, babies ripped away from their mothers after just being born, beaten, crammed into small spaces, covered in their own feces, ground up alive, throats slit & hung upside down to bleed to death, skinned alive, unborn babies killed for slink leather, and so many other horrifying things. There is no humane way of killing what’s on your plate Every time you buy meat/fur/wool/leather you are supporting these industries & allowing this to continue. What’s so luxurious about wearing dead animal anyway? 60 BILLION animals die each year for human pleasure. This is 2017, with so many resources & alternatives out there, there is no need to make innocent animals suffer & to keep killing our planet at this rate The fitness industry is just one of many who pushes everyone to believe you need to consume animal products. They lead you to believe in order to make muscle gains you need to eat mounds of animal protein when that’s far from the truth. Making animals suffer just so you can make some gains while those animal products you’re consuming are actually killing you? Or eat a plant based diet & make the same if not better results & be a lot healthier on the inside. Just look at elephants or gorillas for example, they eat plants What the health Earthlings Cowspiracy These are just a few documentaries that opened my eyes & changed my life for the better. I’m not writing this to make you feel comfortable, I’m here to make you aware to what really happens. I hope i can inspire at least one of you to rethink your choices. However, what you do with this information depends on your character Be their voice - 🐮🐷🐥🐔🦊🐰🐶 - TAG A FRIEND
“unbuttoned shirt” - a phrase I won’t be uttering until the next vacation ✌🏻 now it’s time to bundle up with a cuppa hot chocolate & brave the Canadian cold 😿❄️☃️ - 📸 @notanothergay . . . . . . . #lifestyle #menstyle #fitness #lgbt #lgbttravel #mensstyle #travel #lgbt #gaytravel #lgbttravel #fitspo #travel #fashionblogger #travelblogger #menshair #gaytravel #canada #canadian #toronto #torontostyle #torontofashion
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