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    21-Apr-2017 18:25:37 PM
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Who loves this of me and @thesiddharthnigam ?😍♥️😂 #bindumati welcome to musically broooo! (made by @ avneetkaur_13 with ♬ Neat And Clean - bollywood_music. #musicallyapp #bollywoodmusic #NeatAndClean #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily
Elvis Presley passed away 40 years ago today. In our new feature, we go inside the King's 1968 television special that relaunched his career. The hour-long broadcast, then dubbed 'Elvis' proved that the then–33-year-old still had swagger. For years, he'd been exiled in Hollywood – making movies instead of touring, as the Beatles blew up and rock got bigger than ever – so the show was a long-overdue return to pure performing for the singer. Check out the entire story at Photograph by Gary Null
Press ❤️️ if you love this beautiful Front Row Legend Esquire built by Yuriy Shishkov. Fender Custom Shop used reclaimed wood benches from the historic music venue the Hollywood Bowl, in the body of the guitar. 📷: @mark_keraly
This is so goals👌😂 Same caps 😂that shows they truly matching outfits😝 -
Record di presenze anche quest'anno.💣💣💣 Le Porte di sono aperte al mio nome!!! #IAmRosarioMiraggio #PrinceRoss #love #music #stronger #tbt #record #ebbasta