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    23-Apr-2017 04:01:50 AM
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Saw this floating around the gram last weekend so I figure it’s ok to share this now haha. These teeth for the display room bust of Pennywise were the last thing I worked on out in California and ADI. I didn’t sculpt these but I had a lot of fun casting and staining these. Tried to go for subtle/natural realism. I made one set of these buck teeth for the actual film but I’m not sure if they ever made it to screen. Awesome job to everyone involved in the make up and this bust, it came out awesome!🎈🤡
Nathan atau okan?
記念撮影。 #film #函館 #ラッピ
Abdul goes grey platinum after killing two kids 😎 • • • • #merekayangtakterlihat #mytt #greyhair #platinumhair #asianboy #filmindonesia #filmnasional #film #iphonesia
All smiles with @morningsmaria this #Thursday morning! #Solutions