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Meal 2 Hunger hab ich ja nicht so wirklich aber was muss das muss 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 spöter noch Ordentlich die Brust zerstören und dann heißt es ausschlafen 😍 denn morgen braucht man schon Kraft für den Rückentag oh oder war es doch Vatertag 🤔 egal beides geht morgen 💪🏽 #disziplin #keineausreden #bodybuildinglifestyle #bodybuilding #hardworkbeatstalent #chestday #chicken #healthyfood #nevergiveup
Takie tam na polu słoneczników ... #sun #biuti #yellow #green #girl #daughter #love #my #day #nice
@chanelcocobrown & I just finished our first session here on the Greek Island of Crete 🇬🇷😅feeling good! Time for food back at @mitsislaguna will post highlights of the training session later . 📲Download my full training routines at SIMEONPANDA.COM . 💊Get all @dedicatednutrition supps at SIMEONPANDA.COM
chocolate on my mouth .... @noahcyrus on her phone .... typical sissy night ... ( bad ass vegan ice cream!!!! 🍦🍨)
AmFar 🕊🥂💫
#Malibu back in the TOP 5! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love you beyond! 🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙 @todayshow
Beach Drone! @piercegainey
3 Million Euros raised last night for AIDS research!!!! So amazing !! #amfar @amfar We LOVE you @carineroitfeld !!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nie możesz odwiedzić swojej ukochanej mamy w dniu jej święta ? Pokaz jej ze o niej pamiętasz i wyślij jej kwiaty @box_of_flowerspl 😍 #flowers #flowerbox #beauty #polishgirl #dzienmatki
Current Mood: Happy B-Day @brandicyrus & congrats on your show launch! BIG day! Love you soooo much! 🦄PS as you slide thru these next few photos it will become very clear as to why I no longer drink! LOL! (Or maybe why I should start again.... J/K 🐬) Always the best time when I am w my big sis! Xoxoxoxoxoxox
(SWIPE!) My fam is seriously takin over @thetodayshow tomorrow! My lil sis @noahcyrus & my dad @billyraycyrus are BOTH performing! 💙❤️💚💛💜 So cool! My mama @tishcyrus & big sis @brandicyrus are going to be talking about their new show launching THIS Thursday z 25th (make sure you watch) Cyrus VS Cyrus (on Bravo 10/9c!) I am the proudest daughter and sister ever! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Congrats Dad on #SomeGaveAll25 / & Noie your new music is all so RAD I can't wait for #ImStuck #NC17 !!!!!
I ❤️ all these people soooo mucho! Stoked my friend @blakeshelton is so happy (AND didn't win HA jk) & thank you @gwenstefani for making my buddy smile! You ROCK! @adamlevine we're the worlds most unexpected besties and I wouldn't trade my time in the big red chair next to you for anything! can't wait to do it again next season (can't wait to bug z 💩 outta you)...... AND @aliciakeys YOU already know how I feel about chuuuuu big sis! Life brings people together in crazy ways & I couldn't be happier that it brought me to you! 4L! 💙🌊 Send me some of your winnnnin good vibes and I'll hold it down in Voice town! 💙❤️💛💚💜 Thank you @nbcthevoice for introducing me to such amazing people / artists! Can't wait to be back #TeamMileySeason13 @iamjhud LETS DO THIS! Welcome to The Voice fam!!!!
@todayshow Thank you for havin me this mornin #Malibu !!!! The fans made me feel sooooo much better 🌊💙🌊💙 Can't wait to have a couple days to rest up and then I'm back on the road for some more radio shows!
Passin out flowerzzzzz 💐🌸🌼🌺🌷 @todayshow #Malibu out everywhere!
#Malibu @todayshow 🌊💙🌊💙 Back in the top 5! Thank you so much! Looooove you!
Proud day! So sad I missed it 😿 I am layin in bed not feeling so well.... trying to rest up before MY gig tomorrow @thetodayshow #SummerConcertSeries ! Can't believe my bad ass baby sis @noahcyrus just dropped ANOTHER bangerrrrrrrr #ImStuck (out on Spotify and Apple) Tonight is the premier of my mama and big sis @brandicyrus @tishcyrus show (Cyrus VS Cyrus on Bravo!) Dad you ROCKED this morning as you always do! @billyraycyrus love you so much guys! I am so sad I missed y'all this morning... now mommy please come in here and take care of me 😿
Up on !!!! Ughhhh sooooo cute! #EmuFanClub 💙💛❤️💚💜 #Malibu
フルーツガールズ誕生日パーティー🎂 1歳からずっとやってるので今年で6回目🤗 毎年一緒にお祝いできて幸せ♡ フルーツガールズ誕生日おめでとう🎉 #フルーツガールズ #瓦そばしたよ🤗
. ‏ذكر مسؤولون أمنيون في ولاية أوريغون الأميركية، أن شخصين لقيا مصرعهما طعنا، بعدما حاولا أن يدافعا عن سيدة مسلمة تعرضت لاعتداء لفظي. ‏- - . . . . . لمعرفة الأخبار المهمة والحصرية تابع: ‏ @news_mhm@news_mhm . . لمعرفة الأخبار السعودية الخاصة تابع: ‏ @news_sa24@news_sa24 . . .
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