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That's Amazing Physique 👌 @tkenzzzfitness
Battle of Jutland ... is the royal grand fleet really grand? ....part one Commander of the British fleet , sir Jollicoe wanted to trap the German high seas fleet and his foe commander of the German fleet Reinhard schemer wanted to force a mistake. Scheer sent his fleet into the skagerrak to attack any British light forces and shipping there, but the 16 German battle ships and 6 pre dreadnoughts , 5 battkecruisers , 11 light cruisers and 63 destroyers also wanted to come in contact with the British grand fleet, hoping to break it, and the naval blockade of Germany. However , aided by the intelligence operatives of room 40 who decided German wireless signals. Jellicoe was forewarned and then sent out his fleet , but the British were in fact heading to a trap. There was many of score of German u boats waiting for them. Scheer would be disappointed since the grand British fleet of 28 battleships , 9 battle cruisers 34 light armor cruisers and 78 destroyers passed them unobserved . The Battle of Jutland would bring in four leading admirals - Germany - scheer. Franz von hipper. , - British. Jellicoe and sir David Beatty. They made contact when both sides went to check out a merchant ship that happened to be sailing between the fleets. Firing between the cruisers kicked off at 14:28 may 31st 1916 , the battle of Jutland began. Hipper and his battle cruisers headed south, trying to draw Beatty into scheers main fleet that is still unseen. Beatty followed , aboard his flagship the HMS lion, fire opened between them at 3:48. The HMS lion was hit and burst into flames, it would have sank if the flooded magazine didn't put the fire out. The British HMS indefatigable was hit by 2 11-inch shells from the SMS Von set Tann that blew up the whole ship kill all but 2 of 1,019 sailors. Then the HMS queen Mary was hit and blew to pieces killing 1,266 men. Beatty seemed unmoved British Battle cruiser armor was not thick enough for German shells . If one shell hit the magazine the whole ship would blow. No ship in earth could survive the blasts. #trenchlife #worldwari #worldwar2 #worldwars #wwii #france #germany #unitedkingdom #trench #navy #history #histoire #war
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Follow @jhop01 military veteran for loads of gym exercises, help and gymmotivation. _ @jhop01 @jhop01 @jhop01
Kareena Kapoor Khan and sister Karisma Kapoor spent their evening with Karan Johar @dnaafterhrs . . . . . . #dnaafterhrs #bollywood #Instapic #instacool #instagood #Instalike #instamoment #kareenakapoor #kareenakapoor #karismakapoor #karanjohar
No Girlfriend bcoz. Mela bhai hna mere आसु puchne k liye😘😘😘😘😘
Great to catch up and destroy a cheat meal with fellow Midwest beast @terrycrews! Great to see you and the wife tonight! Continued success brother!
Ramadan Mubarak eveybody ! May Allah accept your prayers And forgive us for our sins ! 🙏🏿 #happy #fasting
The power people. @nitamambani friendly visit to wish @karanjohar
#beingsalmankhan with Mauka Mauka Kabbadi championship ad shoot peeps ... #Hot #handsome #Sultan #Salmankhan 💝💝💝💝💝💋💋💋💋
Kho Kho offbeat Punjab boys team watches Kho Kho match between Maharashtra and Punjab girls teams at Shivaji stadium, Nashik. National sub-junior (Under 14) level kho kho tournament has started in Nashik on Wednesday, about 58 teams from 29 states participating in the tournament. #KhoKho #Sports #Punjab
last day at the toronto pro show👋 come thru to the @jed_north booth and say hey if u haven't💪😎
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