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We met freshman year, first day of HighSchool. She's had my heart ever since. I am so IN LOVE w/this QUEEN. There isn't one single character/personality trait I'd change about her. Crazy right? So rare these days. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BEST FRIEND/SISTER THEMBI BANKS @spoonfulofsass - she's a writer/producer/director so whenever she start gettin on my damn nerves I call her #ShondaRhimestones 😩😂😜🎀
besitos from me, jen and two jessica rabbits
Video by @Filipe_DeAndrade @brianmoghari and @mckenziebarney | While they’re excellent natural pollinators and extremely beneficial to their environment, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes it quite a challenge to get a great shot. But it’s a fun challenge. For this adventure we wanted to film them on their migratory path back to Central America for the winter. We knew that at that point on their migration they would be extra aggressive and territorial over food sources since they have to travel over 500 miles without stopping. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of nectar drank on this shoot. Check out the entire sequence in my series #WildUntamed on or click the link in my personal bio.
Photo @ladzinski / A young #lion cub hiding in a #shepardsTree waiting for mom to show up, hopefully with a meal. The first few months for new born lions is the most dangerous. This cub, along with his siblings, are too young to bring back to the pride, there is a risk they could be accidentally killed by the family. It's moms responsibility to hide them from predators, hunt and get them strong in the meantime. #kalahari
😂 Who can relate, #Roomies!?
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // Sailing on silver seas after the massive storm that hit our ship with 60-knot winds and 8-meter seas for 5 days finally cleared. Our crew was delighted by the exhilarating speed and acrobatic turns of a pod of Peal’s dolphins that accompanied our expedition vessel for several hours as we began crossing the Drake passage on our way back to the Falklands. On #Assignment for @NatGeo, @NatGeoPristineSeas and @Sea_Legacy with @PaulNicklen, @Ladzinski, @Andy_Mann and @CraigWelch. Grateful for the opportunity to shoot on this important story. To follow the progress of our campaign to protect the Antarctic Peninsula #Follow my account at @CristinaMittermeier. . . . #gratitude #beauty #savetheocean #10by2020 #PhotographersforAntarctica #LasMalvinas #dolphins #love #ocean
#Donnie speaks on #NorthKorea's missile launch (view previous post) #PresidentialTwitterFingers
@natgeo @stevewinterphoto It is National Arbor Day!!! This annual tree planting holiday is all about celebrating trees!!! Trees help clean pollutants in the air, pull carbon from the atmosphere slowing climate change, keep our rivers and streams clean. Provide 50% of the oxygen we need to breathe and grasslands and forests provide us with 75% of fresh water!! visit @ArborDayFoundation #NationalArborDay #follow me @stevewinterphoto to see more images from my work with @natgeo and Thanks!! @stevewinterphoto @natgeo @nglive #nglive @natgeochannel @natgeowild @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #fursforlife #BCI #bigcatsintiative #startwith1thing @projetooncafari @refugioecologicocaiman @pantheracats @pantanalsafaris #canonusa #redcine @africanparksnetwork #ldfoundation @leonardodicaprio @sanctuaryasia
#DJKayslay shares a few words about #HipHop! How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop right now, #Roommates?
Photo by @cookjenshel On Arbor Day we need to celebrate the amazing mangrove tree, which prevents the salinization and erosion of coastal soils, creates wildlife habitat, and acts as a barrier for storm surges – among its many attributes. Unfortunately the world has lost more than 50% of its original mangrove forests, due to coastal development, shrimp aquaculture, and charcoal production. These trees are on the forefront of mitigating climate change, so if you are inclined to plant a tree for Arbor Day – this would be a good one to choose. Happy Arbor Day! @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ArborDay #mangrove #trees #EvergladesNationalPark #Florida #climatechange
No matter where you meet Love is Love! #ShootYourShot 🏀❤️👶 Get your #DM baby Onesie now at Follow and tag @TheShadeRoomStore in pictures! ☕️
Photo by @jenniferhayesig // Elkhorn Coral glows like gold beneath the setting sun in Gardens of the Queen National Marine Park, Cuba. Elkhorn Coral is an important reef building coral in the Caribbean that is now critically endangered and drastically diminished throughout its original range. Populations of Elkhorn coral have managed to survive and even thrive in this protected remote archipelago located fifty miles off the souther cost of Cuba. Descending into this marine sanctuary, the largest in the Caribbean, is like descending into a time machine to see a vintage Caribbean Sea. Photographed for @natgeo story Caribbean Crown Jewels in Tourisms Path. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #coral #cuba #endangeredspecies #nationalpark #beauty #followme for #moreocean @daviddoubilet and @jenniferhayesig
#TSRFashion (swipe for more): Fans are accusing #AlexanderMcqueen cultural appropriation when revealing his new black velvet ceremonial jacket. They say he should give credit to the #Ethiopian and #Eritrean cultures that influenced it. Thoughts??
#Roommates what are your thoughts on #LilYachty new colorful diamond-studded grill ? @iceboxjewelry told us the rapper spent almost 35k on the set !!!! @iceboxjewelry @iceboxjewelry @iceboxjewelry
The classic film #Friday was released today back in 1995, what is your favorite scene from this film? #IceCube #ChrisTucker
#PressPlay: When the haters are trying to block you, not knowing you have other plans 😩
#PressPlay: #ChrisPaul was not playing any games 😩 via. @nbaonespn
Well at least #JenaFrumes can laugh about it ... #AntonioBrown
«Я хотел бы, чтобы Путин был президентом до конца его жизни. Я очень люблю его, как только мужчина может любить мужчину. Он человек слова, он принес мир в Чечню. Мы были в руках бандитов, алкоголик Борис Ельцин бомбил нас. Те, кто критикует Путина, нелюди, они - мои личные враги. <...> Мы просим национального лидера России считать нас добровольным спецотрядом Верховного главнокомандующего, готовым защитить Россию, ее стабильность, границы, выполнить боевую задачу любой сложности. <...> Такой человек - находка для России. Пока у него есть здоровье, мы должны его просить, встать на колени, чтобы он правил государством. Путин спас наш народ, он - Герой. Не только нас он спас, он спас Россию...» ____________ ©Рамзан Кадыров. #Путин #Кадыров #ЧР #Россия #Цитаты
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