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First you show the bicep, then she shows you the way..💪😜 . @therock
⠀ LMAO BORUTO OMG 😂😂❤️ ⠀ ▸▸ Boruto : Naruto Next Generations Ep 04 (Preview) ⠀ Follow and Spam my bæ
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دعس ما ناز البطل ضد تجمع ❤️ @m7_naz❤️❤️❤️❤️
Legendary split.💯 . @jcvd
Which moment was sadder in your opinion? Omg we hit 340,000 followers on this account do you have any idea how happy and amazing that makes me feel 😭😍 I love every last one of you 👇🏻follow my friends👇🏻 @narutofacts_ @itechimemes @orochimaru @deidara
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ملخص الحلقه٣١ صرب ومارت بيعملون مع جلال😳🔥🔥 . #icerde #في_الداخل #الداخل
Taking Disney's #JungleCruise R&D (research & development) to a whole new level. @sevenbucksprod's had a great productive day with Disney's President of Production, Sean Bailey and Disney's Head Imagineer, Bob Weiss and his brilliant team of Imagineers. To give you guys context, these meetings we're having take place in buildings that we drive by a 1000 times in Burbank and never know what's in them. No big "DISNEY" signs or a big Mickey Mouse face. Just the most plain looking super nondescript buildings on the block. But behind these walls is where brilliance is born.. The Disney rides, movies, technology, theme parks and resorts, cool new innovative characters (remember, Disney also owns MARVEL).. it all gets creatively imagined behind these walls. #JungleCruise was the extraordinary concept of visionary, Walt Disney. Our meeting (first of many) was about how do we create the greatest adventure Jungle Cruise EXPERIENCE on the big screen and in the theme parks around the world that you'll never forget. Ideas were flowing. This is gonna be fun. #DisneyImagineers #SevenBucksProds #Creativity #WereGonnaNeedABiggerBoat #JungleCruise
يستحق المتابعة @dr.ahmad_hassouneh @dr.ahmad_hassouneh @dr.ahmad_hassouneh عيادة الدكتور احمد حسونة عضو الجمعية الطبية لامريكية للتدريب التجميلي للحقن البوتكس والفيلر عمان -شارع مستشفى الخالدي 0798286265 SNAP : d.hassonah
Cool but don't try this..✋️😄 . @acrohero
Não esqueçam de lembrar que vem algo bom por aeeeeeeeeeee #HUHUHHUHAAAAAAAAA (aquela bem de bruxa mermo)
It's sleepy time in Memphis, y'all. Sending sweet dreams to our new friend, Lua the Sloth! 🎥: Adrienne Saunders
Hello modern world, I'm very pleased to meet you. Take me to your farthest reaches. X, SJ
Wtf you lookin at?
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