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    21-Apr-2017 19:38:57 PM
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I was commissioned by @harpercollinsus to do some character designs for the Three Dark Crowns series! Here's Jules and her pet Camden, and Pietyr (he's my favorite)! ✨❄️ #threedarkcrowns
Today's muse: @iandavenportofficial's "Colourfall" made by using over 1,000 colors. What's inspiring you today? #SocialPlant
Thinking of making this my new thank you card for store orders 🤔Hope you enjoy today's studio Vlog! I thoroughly love producing videos 😍watch latest video via link in bio
ART💞by @servane_or 😊 if you had told me a year ago that my body was worthy of being made into art I would have laughed. I appreciate so much the artist who use their time and talents to glorify all types of bodies and see beauty where others see imperfection😊💞✌