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Soundcheck for the late night live performance tonight ... Most interesting stage I've ever played on! After Party #OnWaterPerformance ! 😀

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    21-Apr-2017 17:56:37 PM
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    21-Apr-2017 18:02:45 PM
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Sista passet på Gold's Gym, fortfarande lika starstrucked av @schwarzenegger ✨😳😍👋🏼 Men nu åker jag hem till #GymmetSthlm och Kärstin, det är väl typ lika häftigt?! 🤔😉❤ #GoldsGymVenice #Fitness 💪🏼
Bana mi dedin? ⚔️
Transformation Tuesday and the quest continues to change more lives. This transformation serves up the motivation for anyone! Shoutout to my man @cojackmora who put in the work! Manny worked so hard and got so much leaner and want to give him a huge congratulations. Great Work brother! No BS! If you want change, you have to be willing to commit all the way and put in the work! You can make the same decision today and get results like that too just send an email to -> Coaching @sadikhadzovic.com
When we eat food that is grown and harvested full of life then that's what we become, a being full of life and vitality with little to no obstructions, an organism that operates and functions as it should with healthy circulation systemically! But when we eat elements of other beings that are born, tortured and killed then that also becomes a part of our being! Sickness, darkness, death, disease, depression, anger, bodies that deteriorate from the inside out controlled by the pathogens that thrive in putrefaction and decay, that's what we create when we consume death. It's not a theory, it is what happens. #chooselife #eatlifegivingfoods #veganlife #veganfood #veganlifestyle #plantbased #plantpowered #plantbasedlifestyle #noamimalproducts #nondairy #nongmo #fortheanimals #fortheplanet #forourhealth #vitality #humansarenotcarnivores #humanfood
TOASTIN' 🎉 after my run with this pretty little combo. @foodforlifebaking Ezekiel bread topped with @kitehillfoods almond milk spread, @wild_friends pumpkin spice pb, half of an organic fuji apple, a drizzle of @soomfoods chocolate tahini, and local bee pollen. it tasted like such a treat! gone too soon 😏 off to work i go, happy thursday babes!
Okay so if you can't afford a coach to do your programming for you this post is will be beneficial! 📚Behold Prilepins Table! A.S. Prelipin, a sports scientist🤓 came up with this table to match certain volumes (sets/reps) with optimal intensities (% of 1 rep max). This chart is ESSENTIAL for designing percentage based programs. 🤔Why the f**k is this chart so important? ✅It optimizes training performance by making sure you are utilizing the proper rep ranges for specific loads ✅Can prevent "overtraining". Think of it, if you were working with 90% of your 1RM and you were to do 3 sets of 6-8 reps you would most likely miss reps and risk injury. 📋This chart looks like it was made primarily for strength athletes as the rep ranges are more specific to these athletes. Im not really a fan of that idea as I believe Powerlifters can benefit from higher rep training in the off season to build solid technique, muscle, and work capacity. 🙄Anyways lets get into it! ⬇️ 1️⃣55-65%: Now this % range can be used primarily for deloading and for the beginning of a hypertrophy phase. Generally you want to be working in the 3-6 rep range while getting a total volume of 18-30 reps. This can be looked at as * Squat 3x6 @ 60% = 18 total reps * Bench 4x7 @ 65% = 28 total reps 2️⃣70-80%: This % range is near the top end for hypertrophy and the beginning of strength programming. Generally you want to be working in the 3-6 rep range while getting in a total volume of 12-24 reps. Examples: * Deadlift 4x4 @ 80% = 16 total reps * OHP 6x4 @ 70% = 24 total reps 3️⃣80-90%: This is near the end of a strength phase, and the beginning of a peaking phase. You want to be working in the 2-4 rep range while getting a total volume of 10-20 reps. Examples: * Squat 8x2 @ 87.5% = 16 total reps * Bench 6x3 @ 80% = 18 total reps 4️⃣90%+: This range is primarily used primarily for peaking programming. You should be training in the 1-2 rep range while getting a total volume of 1-10 reps. Examples: * Deadlift 5x1 @ 92.5% = 5 total reps * Squat 3x2 @ 90% = 6 total reps
Meet Becca! Becca is currently serving as the 2017 Vice President of Leadership and Academic Development. She is seeking a degree in Early Childhood Education and wants to pursue her Master's Degree in Special Education in the future. "The panhellenic community means so much to me, and I love being able to continue my journey past being a Rho Gamma. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything." #MeetExec #HappyFinals #ucfpanproud
@ulisses_world Be Humble! Chest GAINS❗️Savage Pump! (TAG A FRIEND) Get a complete Program and diet plan when you Download my NEW "MASS EFFECT" eBook. 👆Link in my Bio👆or at WWW.ULISSESWORLD.COM @uapparelworld Elbow / Knee Sleeves! WWW.UAPPARELWORLD.COM _ 👉🏾For more Programs visit WWW.ULISSESWORLD.COM 👉🏾Clothing - @uapparelworld WWW.UAPPARELWORLD.COM 🎧Music Cred: @kendricklamar _ #Ulissesworld #Aesthetics #Bodybuilding #Fitness #fitfam #love #me #fit #motivation #inspiration #fit #fitfam #core #abs #arm #biceps
Lunch is lookin goooood today 😍 turmeric chicken + roasted turmeric cauliflower + green beans + rainbow carrots + paprika garlic sweet potatoes + my favorite @squareorganics flavor 🤤 + reishi-chocolate @healthade kombucha 💯 #iChooseToBeWell
Stockholm ➡️ Los Angeles ✈️
Workout of the Week! Perform each movement for 40 seconds, and rest for 20 seconds between each movement. Perform 5 rounds of the circuit. You Got This! #anytimefitness #g2hp #afopelousas #stlandryparish #movingforward #opelousas #coaching #personaltrainer #wod #wow #goals
I'm already changing the game of poker damn it!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Paparazzi caught us comparing abs @emrata you win 🏆🤦🏻‍♂️
Here are Spanish chef David Montero Miguel’s ( @ricepaella) tricks for the perfect paella: use fresh ingredients, take your time, give it a lot of love and triple sauté the tomatoes. “When I’m cooking, I feel as if my body were just another ingredient in the recipe,” says the former waiter-turned-professional chef, who is based in Valencia. “I let go and improvise with different ingredients and steps. In general, I just feel happy.” Today, David leads cooking workshops where foodies can learn new recipes and disconnect from their daily routine in the kitchen. Discover more stories from the Spanish-speaking community on @instagrames. Photo by @ricepaella
Just copying this post from my other instagram account. So excited for lunch!: So today at work we are having our monthly luncheon. This month's theme is healthy eating. I found this low carb recipe for taco stuffed peppers. I substituted the beef with ground chicken. So excited to pop one of these suckers in my mouth! #workluncheon #tacos #tacotuesday #tacopeppers #stuffedpeppers #getinmybelly #lowcarb #nofilter #healthyeating #nosalttacoseasoning #yummy
How can I #throwbackthursday when today looks like this? 😍 Running late as ALWAYS but just ONE MORE LAP!! #cantresist #richmondpark #outsideisfree
Skinny Hot Chocolate🍫🍫 It’s a guilt-free treat ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. Low fat, high protein and a rich chocolatey taste, what’s not to love?💜 📸: @lauraageorge #myproteinwomen #ambition #myprotein #activewomen #fitspo #motivation #thelook #girlslikeus #yesallwomen #girlrising #thisgirlcan
TRANSFORMER PIZZA..🤖🍕 Turn any pizza into a calzone (or visa versa) @settebello_henderson!!😍 Their spacial was the Sausage Calzone, I asked if they can make it a pizza & they gladly did it for us.🤗 It had their yummy ricotta cheese, basil, sausage & bolognese sauce..😋❤️ Dog friendly, awesome staff, & very attentive to diet restrictions (their gluten free pizza is by far the best GF pizza I've ever seen..👌🏼). Our fav in town.🤓👍🏼 (💅🏻- @mindi_rogers👸🏼) ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ #pizza #pizzalover #settebello #sausage #sauce #ricotta #italianfood #italian #thinpizza #vegaseats #vegasfood #vegasfoodie #vegas #lasvegas #food #foodie #foodporn #foodpornshare #zagat #buzzfeedfood #forkyeah #nailart #ryusauce #calzone
Cuando los padres somos ejemplo de disciplina y nuestros hijos siguen los pasos...🏋️‍♀️💗👣 Hoy entrenando con mi hija @niafernandez03 @niafernandez03 _________________________________________________ when parents are an example of discipline and children follow our steps ... 🏋️♀️💗👣 today training with my daughter @niafernandez03 niafernandez03 @niafernandez03 _________________________________________________ #marcefitness #fitness #fitmom #mom #dougther #discipline #fitlife #fitlover #fitnessaddict #fit #abs #workouts
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