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🤢 EATING DISORDERS! 🤢 It's been a long process trying to change my relationship with food. In the left photo, 60kg, I was training every day, but still binging, spewing and starving myself while eating 1 or 2 meals a day. . This is a vicious cycle a huge amount of people go through, and it absolutely broke my heart when I posted my last transformation pic to see how many of you girls were going through the same struggles. Even worse, some of you messaged saying your partners had compared them to "Instagram girls" including me! Which of course triggered your negative relationship with food and caused you to force yourself to be sick, starve your self and over train. 😱😭 . That's WHY I'm posting this. To show you that all "Instagram girls" are not perfect, we may post the best angles, lighting and posing but we're all on a journey and none of us are perfect. . You're not alone, you CAN overcome eating disorders and there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you. It's not going to be easy, I mean I tried and failed for over 3 years. But with the right support and training tools, you can 100% make it happen. . In the right pic, 63kg, I'm eating 5 meals a day, training less and I eat dessert EVERY night. I'm 100 times happier and can honestly say I haven't made my self sick or gone to bed hungry in a long time. Yet I appear smaller! . It's f*cking terrifying being so real with you guys. But I DO NOT want you going through the same struggles I faced for so many years. Especially not due to shitty comparisons from your partner to people like me. . . . . . . . . . . . #eatingdisorder #transformation #bodytransformation #bootygoals #gymlife #transformationtuesday #eatingdisorderrecovery #5meals #training #bbg #bbgstronger #leflexfitness #fitness #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #health
Ce la posso fare. 😅
This shirt speaks to me on so many levels 😭😭😭. Happy lil nutter butter right here. #whydoialwaysdothehandthing
There's always more than one way to do something right. I'm often asked if I switch up my routines, and the answer is, no. Not really. But I do constantly change factors such as grip position, angles, shocking principles. So whilst my muscle groups and general approach to training remains fairly constant, my approach to each workout is never the same as the one previous to it.
What limits you is only in your head! Stop making excuses and find a way! Outfit by the new release, this stringer is the classic Sterns Gym stringer, it is truly special to me! Joggers are new with a better feel, comfortable and stretchy! @goldenaestheticsofficial USE CODE ALFITNESS at check out 🙌🏼 #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial
🙌Some mom appreciation for this transformation post. The left photo was from when my mom helped me move into college dorms in 2015 summer and the right is after I won my show in 2017 summer - 💯My mom didn't help me with my sport (bodybuilding) by driving me to and from practice a few hours a week. She prepped my meals and cooked for me twice a day for years on end when I started bodybuilding. Not to mention everything else through the years lol - ❤️I think I'd have 20 pounds of muscle less if it wasn't for my moms support. She never questioned my passion for bodybuilding, just supported it - 😂Anyone else making all kinds of gains with the help of mom? - FOLLOW ( @gymtears) for more fitness motivation and inspiration! 💪🏻💖 - Credit: @sebgarcia
Ladies I think it's important to require your man to court you, to open the door for you, to pull out your chair for you. Some men didn't have the example of what a good man looks like, so they don't know any better. Some men were raised to be so strong and tough that they didn't learn that a woman needs them to be gentle, for them to be a gentlemen. For me it's so much bigger than just treating me like the Queen God gave you, but understanding as a mother with two daughters, they are always watching. My husband is the first impression they will have of what a man looks like, and how a man should treat a lady. They say girls end up with men that remind them of they're fathers, so if that's true for my girls, I need my husband to be the best example of that. ❤️ . . . Meal Plan/Ab workout Combo: $30 . 30 Min Homework Circuit Only $10.99 . Bundle special: All FOUR right now for $45