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    23-Apr-2017 07:38:22 AM
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Sun’s out - shades out 🕶 | In collaboration with @misterspex_official I got to pic out my two favorite pair of sunglasses for this summer which I’ve posted on my blog (link in bio). . Since a lot of people ask me about how I approach collaborations I have also shared my experience to give you an insight of my life! All on my blog! | Have a great day 🌸 #collaboration #ad #misterspex . Photo: @sincerelyelin 📸
Converse vs Heels 👟👠 #new #blogpost #linkinbio
I remember the days when I would dread working out & only pushed myself because I wanted to lose weight... now I honestly couldn't imagine not moving my body 6-7 times a week 🙆🏼 even if it's a walk, run, weights training, intense HIIT session or hiking I just love using my body functionally & always feel 100% better mentally after ✅ best change I made was incorporating being active because of the way it makes me feel rather then the way it makes me look! 💁🏼 Happy humpday!
The Journey Home begins with Stonecroft Homes. Design | Build | Expect the Extraordinary
As an animal lover - both land and water - I've been raising my bass for years now on our farm. I feed them like kings with live bait and train them to be extra aggressive killers. I have specialists come in to inspect the water, vegetation and ecosystem to make sure they're living like the top of the food chain predators they are. Big daddy comes home to recharge his batteries & spend time with them and not even one of these ungrateful fat hogs will strike my top water plug I've been working for an hour now. Cool.. just remember who's in charge of the fish food truck you sum bitches. #ResetAndRecharge #JohnsonFarm #WhereEvenTheBassHaveAttitude 🎣🤙🏾
Du & jag ❤️
It's the will. Not the skill. . . Photo credit by @asiatrilive
Dreaming of the day that I'll grow into these ears 😴☁️
Feeeeels good with Monday! Excited for this week! Got a lot of stuff to do on my schedule! Uploaded a new blogpost talking about a must for every entrepreneur! 📈💯 Photo: @sincerelyelin -- Snapchat 👻👉 jacekope Youtube📺 👉 jacekope Facebook 👤 👉 jakobkonnbjermodel
Great to see CEP Pro Athlete @threlfallm of @teambottrill rocking his CEP Ultralight Short Socks in this month's edition of @220triathlon #truecompression #cep #colourupyourrun #cepsocks #performance #triathlon #triathlete #uktrichat
Nothing like a relaxing weekend and now back to work 🖤 #crownmetropol #viviensmodels
I have ravished your hearts with my beauty & all of the @WWE has a #LanaCrush 💔??? #Thankyou @johnathankayne for the #RAVISHING dress 😍👠 @eentertainment 💋
Small break with Tank from Warfit...looks like we are pulling an all nighter. She's been inseparable from her PIG lol 😂 All I hear is the squeaker snorting all night in the office. #squeakertoy #dogs #malionis #iamwarfit #gymmotivation
Encounter Eden Barn, an exclusive and intimate wedding venue in the heart of the Cumbrian countryside, where you choose your own suppliers to create your dream day. #barnwedding  #rusticweddingchic  #independentinspiration
Snatches from 85lbs ish to 156lbs. Don't the weights I did in between 85 lbs and 156 lbs because don't know kilos so 🤷🏽‍♀️ just kept adding colors to the bar 🙊😂 #CrossFitFifty #FiftyBarbell #OlyLifting #Snatch #Olympic #Lifting #OlympicLifting #Oly #CleanAndJerk #FiftyStrong #FiftySoldier #TheChestee #HVIII #HVIIIBrandGoods #PioneerBelts #AndersonPowerlifing #PioneerFit #InspiredNutra @fiftybarbell @AndersonPowerlifting @hiperformanceathletics
Att bli hämtade vid 01 och sen gå upp till 1800m höjd i mörkret för att se soluppgången var riktigt kämpigt, men så värt det när man fick se detta 🙌🏻🌅
Busy day filled with photoshoots 📸 Now to grab a quick meal then home and study! 📚 Wish you an amazing day! Photo: @sincerelyelin -- Snapchat 👻👉 jacekope Youtube📺 👉 jacekope Facebook 👤 👉 jakobkonnbjermodel
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