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Don't hate, educate.
It's not enough to be pretty. I see your face, your body, your style, your hobbies but what is in your heart? What do you stand for? What message are you giving? How are you contributing? Are you being authentic? Have you known hardship? Have you known pain? How have you overcome lifes obstacles? Can I relate to you on a deeper level? Why are you inspiring? Why should I follow you? It's not enough to be pretty Here I am #exposed ----------------------------------------------- I challenge you to review the accounts you follow. Are there any Zoolanders? Why do you follow them? ---------------------------------------------- Captured by talented photographer @alannahliddell
* Dreams make people bigger. Dreams make people stronger. Photo by @01homeless ∴SWIPE∴ #Uganda #education #honda #soccer #child #children
Volume up! My daughter and her friend found this little Killdeer baby bird at the park. Momma Killdeer will fake a broken wing to distract predators, which unfortunately she actually had a broken wing and leg 對 I've also found out they are extremely hard to rehabilitate so I took them both to the SPCA Wildlife Department for proper care, they confirmed the difficulty in rehabbing
FIX YOUR ROUNDED SHOULDERS [wall slides for external rotators] . Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope it was a great weekend! . Today is a quick drill you can do at home and all you need is a wall. What we want to do with this one is work on our shoulder external rotators throughout range. . In the video we can see running through two reps of the movement, ensuring that she maintains pressure into the wall. . This isn't an easy thing to do, you will likely feel some resistance at the top of the movement, so it's okay for your elbows to come of a bit as needed. . So try this out for yourself and leave any comments or suggestions below! . Tag your friends with rounded shoulders! . Mickey Valen - Meet Me #shoulder #shoulders #shoulderpain #shouldermobility #shoulderworkout #shoulderday . #myodetox #2017 #futureproofyourbody