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Morning Insta, so I've been tagged in to @mad_about_the_house's fabulous hashtag #mytenthings by the lovely @_lisa_dawson_ . So, here are my 10 things that make the house my home. I've tagged some of my favourite people into the picture in the hope that you get time to share yours too. 1. My Hollywood Regency vintage brass Feldman Lotus light pendant in the hallway, I wanted one for years and happened upon a bargain about 18 months ago and it makes my heart sing daily. 2. My grandmas chest of drawers which reminds me of childhood sleepovers at her house. 3. Expensive knitted textiles because they add beautiful layers of texture, warmth and interest to the home, my Donna Wilson for SCP pouf and Rowenna Mason cushions are my favourite (and coincidently most expensive!). 4. Our beaten up 10 year old chesterfield sofa (pictured), at one point it was cream in colour but after many cat scratches, a tear, feeding and nappy changes, and ahem a cigarette burn from when we used to smoke in the house, this is probably the item of furniture that most illustrates our story (which is clearly sitting on sofas more than we should!). 5. The Lapin & Me Snow globe in the bedroom because this is probably our most grown up space, I feel all rooms need kitsch to break up any pomposity and stop design looking contrived and a bit of kitsch relief is exactly what our bedroom needs. 6. My vintage cocktail cabinet and my new marble and brass cocktail trolley, because cocktails are a serious business in this household and you need at least one dedicated space for them! 7. My French New Wave film poster I've had for 20 years because it reminds me of misspent days of abandon in youth, & features my cinematic heroine Anna Karina, who was my first ever girl crush and favourite fashion icon. 8. Our cat Dinah, if I didn't hear her bell tinkle as she comes to greet me at the door I'm not sure I'd know it was my home, & there's nothing more relaxing than a purring cat in a cosy spot next to you in the house. 9. My paint colours, because the right colour has such an impact on the way you feel about your home & I like to think our colours make us a relaxed and happy home. comments
Captain hästägare Tourettes Gammal i stallet men ny i min ägo.
💥Which year you like best❓❓ : I am in competition with No One. I have No Desire to play the game of being better than anyone. The Principle is competing against yourself. It's about Self -Improvement, about being better than you were the day before..💕
I wanted to be a good sport and "Pink up" the Logies for Breast Cancer Network Australia Pink sports Day. I'm going nowhere near a sports field, so this was my way of helping. BCNA would love for you to ‘Pink Up’ to show your support for the 17,730 Australians that will hear the words ‘you have breast cancer’ this year. This year, BCNA hopes to raise $500,000 and is asking sporting clubs around the country to help reach this goal. If you would like to help out talk to your local sports club and contact BCNA to get on board. #pinksportsday #bcnapinklady
Good morning✨ Finally managed it to make a mango rose again🙏🏻 On top of a bowl of oats and paired with banana and pomegranate😋😋😋 That's how I like my oats to be - delicious, creamy and different almost every time✨ Perfect to show you that oats are sexy hehe😜 And perfect to use this bowl for the #showusyourbreakfastchallenge from @recoveringlara @van0510 @xanjuschx
Something new is out 🙌🏻 by amazing @vivienneballa 📸 @hedi.kalmar 💄 for @jswair new collection 🌸 @mmgmodels
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Рубрика #мэриэммрекомендует 👩🏼‍🔬 и #marie_emm_SWATCH. @limecrimemakeup @limecrime.russia Если пост полезен ставь - ❤️. Помады Lime Crime — признанные мастодонты в мире текстур «liquid to matte». В моей коллекции аж 26 оттенков этих чудо-помад 🙀💸💸 Обычно матовые помады излишне подсушивают кожу, а вот Lime Crime необыкновенно мягкая в нанесении. Сильные шелушения она может подчеркнуть, поэтому перед нанесением рекомендуется увлажнять и пилинговать губы. За комфортность на губах можно поставить твердую пятерку, это лучшая помада из матовых, которые мне когда-нибудь доводилось пробовать. После нанесения помада как по волшебству из жидкой текстуры превращается в матовую 🔮 Разумеется, такие помады не подойдут нежным особам, которые не любят абсолютную матовость не губах и расценивают ее как сухость 🙄 Но и в этом случае можно нанести поверх помады блеск для губ (при этом стойкость помады все равно будет достойной), либо смешать ее с увлажняющей помадой и в итоге получится и стойко и немного с глянцем. Вариаций как в нанесении, так и в смешивании оттенков масса! 🦄🌈 Обычно я смешиваю эти помады между собой для получения нового, уникального оттенка или с другими продуктами - для изменения текстуры и финиша 👩🏼‍🎨 А еще у помад Lime Crime не просто матовый, а вельветовый финиш! 🤤 Комфортный как бархат!!!🍷 Обожаю ❤️
when everything is already prepped so you just throw it on a plate💁🏼 easiest breakfast ever👌🏽 . || 1 medium boiled egg topped with sea salt + pepper + roasted sweet potatoes cubes (roasted in the oven at 375 for 30ish min in avocado oil + sea salt) + avocado || 💯 . can't believe it's already thursday, enjoy this day because guess what? you're alive & that's something to celebrate🎉
the ultimate coziest 🤗 warm maple maca oats 👅 this is how you start a Thursday☝️got inspired by @sammyyeason yesterday to make these today👌 . 👉 heat 2/3c homemade maple vanilla cashew milk over med heat until hot. stir in 1/2 c quick oats + 1/2 scoop @vitalproteins vanilla & coconut water collagen + 1/2 tsp maca and remove from heat. cover and let sit 3-5 minutes. stir in 1 tbs @kitehillfoods plain yogurt, 1 tbs maple syrup, a pinch of @bulletproof vanilla max. top with strawberries, bloobs and @maisiejanessunshine cashew butter swirl🌀🙌😃💜 • #eatrealfood #goodeats #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeedhealth #feedfeed #f52grams #feedyoursoull #fuelyourbody #organicfood #wholefoods #huffposttaste #eatforabs #eeeeeats #eatforabs #thekitchn #instafood #spoonfeed #mindbodygram #nourishyourbody #iamwellandgood #inspirehealth #cleanfoodshare #dcfoodporn #droolclub #healthyrecipes #eatpretty #foodblogger #oatporn #cashewbutter #oatmealporn
Lär mig hur mycket som helst på praktiken. Typ att kaffe = ett måste och att glass i solen är guld efter en lång dag. 🏥
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Who goes to bed thinking about what they're going to have for breakfast? 😂 Acai and a green smoothie for the win. Thanks @evimeka #breakfast #brunch #acaibowl #green #smoothie #healthy #plantbased #cafe #echuca #thesweetmeadow #livingthesweetlife
Try raw egg for first time
honestly my FAV afternoon snack🙌🏽 & not to mention this combo kinda reminds me of strawberry shortcake🍰 . || plain @siggisdairy topped with juicy strawberries + homemade cashew butter + chocolate sea salt granola || 🍓🍫 . there's also 17g of protein in this little cup of goodness, which makes my body & mind feel nice and stable🙆🏼 & it's lower in sugar so i top it with all the fun toppings💃🏼 hope you all are having the best day! #dailysiggis #partner
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