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Este romance es de aquellos inevitables... nunca te olvidare! #photooftheday#holiday #vacation
Take some time out to marvel at the pink granite rock formation (and soak up the serenity) at The Pinnacles near Cape Woolamai at @phillipisland. Photo by @callumfrommelbourne #visitvictoria #visitmelbourne #wandervictoria
Working out on holiday Balance? I gotta admit, trying to working out on holiday a year or two ago would have created a haaauge anxiety for for me if I missed just 1 training session! .. that definitely isn't "balance" ..thats some crazy obsession This is probably one of the first holidays that I've actually gone out and "smelt the roses" So what have I been doing to stay active? There is heeeaps you can do! And this is what Jade & I are all about with our clients! Creating balance and opening up your eyes to so many variations and ways to be active & burn fat wherever you are! So activities I have been doing: - fat burning hotel circuits - Walking everywhere - Using my resistance bands morning and/or night - The mini Hotel multi gym - Plyos in the parks And many more remember there's more to life then creating a false anxiety that you HAVE to find a gym everyday. Actually taking a lil step back may benefit you (like it did for me) there are a lot of us out there that are guilty for over-training with out even being aware There are so many different options to get fit and healthy so don't just limit yourself to one! Enjoying one of my last lovely walks in Brisbane today
Finally I can start the count down My fantastic Red suitcase @guess is ready My lingerie by @honeybirdette My lipstick by @valentina_richesse_cosmetics I wanna go to Holidayyyyy Thanks to @ibi_syd For amazing shoot #holiday #red #lingerie #suitcase #brunette #sunday #beach
Vape bubbles in bubbles 儭 _ Credit @vaustinl
Venice, Italy from above! 氣 #Nonstoptravel (: @knwilati )
Quem assistiu ao eclipse solar hoje? Esse belo registro foi feito na cidade de Cara繳bas, no Oeste potiguar, a 70 km de Mossor籀. E voc礙, fez algum registro do eclipse em alguma cidade aqui do RN? Manda pra gente! Foto: @brunatargino_. #RNatural
Take us back to the holidays! 儭 Where's everyone's favourite holiday spot ??? We love staying in Sydney, But Fiji was amazing !!!!突 also Queensland as it's a bit closer to home - Our account - @aus_gymnasts - #gym #gymnast #beach #paradise #holiday #vacation #activewear #active #fit #fun #gymlife #ocean #pier #sydney #australia #beaches #waves #pool #summer #gymnastics #acro #queenslandlife