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    21-Apr-2017 18:04:27 PM
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Middagen tog en oväntad vändning! 😍💍💒 #snartfru #weddingring
His back is prettier than ALL of the boys at my school @justinbieber
Наш день 21.04.17💞 #weddingday 💐
Last minute shoot with this crew 🌅
April 23: [More] Fan taken photos of Justin at the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals game in Toronto, Canada.
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Hurra! Balenciaga gör visst även weekendväskor i XXL!
Deadlift. . @DOYOUEVEN 👈🏼 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL orders 🚚🌍 just tap the link in our BIO ✔️
❄️❄️❄️ Perfect Sunday #löylyhelsinki
It was truly and honor to have my whole cast come to my big day! Could be more blessed and appreciative of all that we did together... Many memories I'll never forget and always cherish. @selenagomez @jaketaustin @comeagainjen14 @daviddeluise and @maria_cb! @christineskariphotography
Ciao Weekend, ciao old Week, thanks for being awesome 🤙🏼 Hello Monday, hello new Week...let's make it a better week! 💪🏼😊
Choose to never settle. Pursue your greatest goals no matter how unattainable they might seem. It is never too late to accomplish anything that you have placed in your heart if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Still growing ✅
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Selfieåterkomst till instagram
Flower doesn't think of competing with another. It just blooms. 🌺 Happy times with my babe @racquelnatasha 💐 #Coachella #rosegarden w @schutzoficial #girls
Face u make when u gotta hold on to the wall & stand on ya tippy toes cuz there's a super model to the left of ya 🙄😏😚 ayo BOD GYAL WAH GWAAAHHRRN??? 😍😍😍 @jourdandunn #SecretTing #TrailerLife (we had both been up for about 24 hours by this point) 😴 #WorkingWomen 🎀🎀🎀
Does this look like an impossible dream? Most of you will say "YES" and that is why i posted this picture. I want to encourage to take ACTION. I don't know what are your goals in business or life, but one thing that i know is that your dreams are achievable. You're probably tired of failing over and over. I want you to PROMISE me something. - PROMISE me that you will NEVER GIVE UP! One day you will be at this place, like this guy and you would say "THANKS TO @businessleaderss I MADE IT!" 💯
On set shooting the music video for our new single "ripped jeans and smokey machines" 🌪⚡️🍺
These two in a superset, seriously 🔥😂 I almost fell there! One very stretchy, slow, heavy movement with one no weight, no rest, almost isometric move. Legs 😑👌💦
🚨Oldie but goodie. 👉🏽 I've always done DB pullovers strictly because Arnold did them but I kept doing them because they worked! ✔️My lats grew. ✔️My serratus anterior became more defined. ✔️ The stretch was perfect to finish my back day. ✔️ I feel a shoulder and chest workout as well as back. ✔️ Great exercise to perform vacuums to build abdominal control. ✌🏽 try them out! Tag #postonstrong in your best vids for a feature. 📲Join #teamposton @teamposton enroll at 💻email: jason
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