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-Мне нравятся Ваши глаза --тёмные и красивые как моя душа. ❤Джонни Д.
які ж вони всі хорошенькі 😍👼 🐰🐻🐱🐸🐯  #детки #ангелочки
На железном коне с Пушкином😂 28 мая Тинькоф Банк принимает участие в Московском велопараде 😉И Вас приглашаю 👌 #хочурюкзак #tinkoffvelo #московскийвелопарад
At the moment....✨☀️ #salicerose
Meanwhile in the hood
#pedro 3 - 1 Sunderland 👏
John Terry's wife Toni was in the stands to wave him off. 😘 #ChelseaChampions #ThankYouJT
Nicole Scherzinger in Maria Lucia Hohan – 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas • Shop the Dress at
Follow me ( @hotvocals) for more videos like this! ❤🎶 Brother from the military surprises his little sister 😭❤ 🎵 Song: Perfect - @iamleroysanchez #hotvocals #surprise
Eden and Samy at the bridge. Father is so nice😉💙😍 #edenhazard #hazard #chelsea #stamfordbridge
Had a great evening with #tbe @floydmayweather and @anthony_joshua #tmt
Last summer was the best. I remember taking my family trip and driving up to Maine and listening to "this is what you came for" by Rihanna and Calvin Harris on a continuous loop while doing my best to quickly scroll through Instagram and save data so I can see how my account was doing. That's when it started to get big. That's when everyone's accounts started to get big. I remember when Liza had followed me in June and I remember reaching 100k. I remember how everyone had been so nice and I was so happy and now things have changed. It feels like everyone's pages are dying. Why??? What's going on? Liza is one of the best youtubers out there and she's so original and has good content. I'm so sad. And I keep losing followers. I've lost like 5k. But I don't want to let go. I love supporting David and Liza. I'm just a little sad. | @lizakoshy
#첫줄 턱수염이 잘 어울리고싶다😎
Conte: "I won't do another year at Chelsea without my family." Conte is planning to move his family in London. #ChelseaChampions #CFC
Gracias a Dios campeones !! Este título va dedicado a mi familia y a todos los niños q se someten a tratamientos muy fuertes y se les cae el pelo . Mucha fuerza familias ,mucha fe q Dios nunca nos abandona !! Hala Madrid y pura vida !!
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