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Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is a very good boy. Meet golden retriever Mambo ( @mambohitsgolden), a therapy dog who is part of INATAA, an animal assisted therapy organization from São Paulo. Mambo spends lots of time volunteering for people in need of some puppy power — often with a big crew of his canine companions. To learn more about Mambo’s life and work, follow @mambohitsgolden.
American athlete Christian Pulisic’s ( @cmpulisic) first memories of soccer are with his father. “I remember my dad throwing a mini ball at me in the house and trying to score on him in the mini goal,” says the 18-year-old. Christian grew up in Pennsylvania, but moved to Dortmund, Germany, three years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Although adjusting to life in a foreign country is never easy — Christian’s biggest hurdles were “the language barrier and finding regular friends to spend time with” — he’s taken to life in his adopted hometown: he has his own apartment, a group of friends and speaks German fluently. Playing attacking midfielder for the Borussia Dortmund team in the German Bundesliga league eased the transition. “We have the best fans in the world,” says Christian. “They’re the most passionate in all of football. The game means everything to them.” And as for his young age relative to his teammates, Christian shrugs it off. “I was always the youngest on the team,” he says. “It’s normal for me.” Watch our Instagram story now to check out Christian’s adopted hometown.
At home in Izmir, Turkey, Serkan Çolak’s ( @serkanncolak) daughter played with a pocket mirror as her parents looked on. “This photo tells the story of me and my family,” says Serkan. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to #WHPreflections. Photo by @serkanncolak
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcolorstudy This weekend, the goal is to create photos and videos that celebrate one dominant color. Here are some tips to get you started: Capture light and dark versions of the same color to add more depth to your frame. All different tints and variations will make your color study shine. Sure, you could set up a still life. But challenge yourself to seek color in the wild. Find a moment where everything comes together for one great frame. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcolorstudy hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by @codyguilfoyle
#hellomynameis Malena Flores ( @imalenaflores). I’m 23 years old and I’m an illustrator. I live in Itamari, a rural town in Bahia, Brazil, where I find the small moments of beauty that inspire me — like a clear night sky, where I hunt stars. Drawing has always been close to my heart. It was my favorite pastime as a child and is the best way I have to externalize my thoughts. I like experimenting with lots of different things; I’m incapable of sticking to a single medium. Art is freedom. Light, colors and flowers are the elements that characterize my work. Without them, what I do would be empty. Before, I used to draw on my own in my room. Illustration is a solitary pursuit; people spend a lot of time alone, creating. Today, I receive lovely messages from thousands of people, more than the entire population of my town. Knowing that what I do here reaches and inspires other people makes me feel that I have fulfilled my duty and gives me a warm feeling. May our future be filled with flowers.” Illustration by @imalenaflores
Today, we’re introducing two new features in Direct: landscape and portrait orientations, plus links. Now, whenever you send a permanent photo or video to your friends in Direct from your camera roll, you don’t have to worry about cropping it. We’ve also added support for links in Direct. You can share website links with friends and preview them directly from your thread. You’ll also see links for phone numbers and addresses. Since introducing the new Instagram Direct in April, we’ve been excited to give people more ways to have fun, visual conversations. We’ll continue to make improvements to Instagram Direct throughout the year. Landscape and portrait uploads in Direct are available today on iOS, with Android coming soon. Links in Direct messages are available today on both Android and iOS as part of Instagram version 10.22.
La gente non sta bene. #insanitypage
Honored to get to host this incredible group of servicemen and servicewomen as our audience tonight! #FleetWeekNYC @uscg @usarmy @usnavy @marines @usairforce
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böyle şeyler de var
Official Shake It Up Video out now. @e40 @madeintyo @2fourhrs
BLUE HUES 💙 Dress is from @aqaq
Aww so good to see that @c.syresmith still uses his water phone 📱 | 🔁: @bigsean
Cuando estás a punto de alcanzar lo que creen inalcanzable, una vez más. Para mi nada es imposible. ¿Y para ti?
Got that new do💇
Omg for real though 🤣
A collection of images taken in the city of Philadelphia, PA. Link in bio. Image by vsco.co/rayraydac
When the squad is reunited! 👌
Just meet Finn Jones! He's awesome! John Diggle vs. Daniel Rand Spartan vs. Iron Fist DC vs. Marvel. #whoyougot
Казань вы 💣🔥😄🙌
Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the month of fasting! This means that we don't eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset everyday for a whole month. It is a month where it doesn't matter where in the world you live or how rich or poor you are, the rules are the same for everyone! It's about getting to know yourself better, and test your patience. It's about getting a feeling of how people without food live every single day, and it's about being grateful that you can come home to a dinner every evening, when so many people can't... It's a month where it's time to feed your soul and not your stomach! 🌸💕🙏🏾 So Ramadan Kareem everyone and may we all become the best versions of ourselves ❤️
The Nike Kobe AD NXT in black/white releases on June 3rd. Will we see this shoe make an appearance during the NBA Finals? For a detailed look, tap the link in our bio.
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