• The snapshot is amazing!
    21-Apr-2017 18:29:42 PM
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"On my birthday, Philip asked me to go see the sunrise together. While we were waiting for the sun to come up, he started talking about all our years together and the sweet adventures we had. Then. he let me open my birthday card which I quickly realized wasn't really a birthday card. Instead, it said something about "forever" and that's when I knew. He got down on one knee and proposed, and then later told me he proposed at sunrise because it symbolized the beginning of our lives together..." photo by @parkerstanleyphotography
There was never anything in my whole life that made more sense than this day ❤️👫
Dying over this image from one of our favourite weddings! That moment, that music, and this couple... everything is perfect!😍 👍 Tag your BFFs who would like this ... . Awesome couple @italian_icy_lbr & @karanoelle17 Photo by @lizakirkphotography . Follow @weddingdayready and #weddingdayready to get featured!