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Goodnight 💕 Say it back, be nice. - "Things to do when you can’t sleep: 1. Walk softly into your living room, carefully plotting each step so you don’t wake your family. Silently find your favorite mug and make a cup of tea, or hot chocolate, or apple cider. Anything, really, as long as there’s no caffeine. That might not help your cause. Take your mug over to the couch, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and sit there sipping your drink in silent darkness. 2. Listen to the silence. Listen to the low hum of the fridge, the clock ticking, those weird creaks that sometimes make you jump because you don’t know what’s causing them. Maybe there’s wind blowing against the windows, or rain pattering down onto the roof. Take a deep breath, and listen to the air filling up your lungs. Reflect on how wondrous it is that you are alive right now to experience this moment of peace. 3. Go outside and run. In your pajamas, without a coat or shoes or socks or anything. Feel the damp grass between your bare toes as you sprint circles around your house until you run out of breath. Look up at the sky and stare at the stars until your neck aches from craning it upwards. Relish in your awakeness as the rest of the world sleeps. Stay standing there in your yard until you remember how cold you are and how you really should at least try to go to bed. 4. Come back inside, walk back to your room, and lay down in your bed. Pull your blankets up over your face and curl into a ball into you warm up again. Read a book until you get sleepy, then close your eyes until you drift off. 5. Whatever you do, don’t think about how tired you’ll be tomorrow."
Type YES if you agree. When your goals are more important than a part, welcome to the 1% club. #powerofpositivity
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Don't be afraid of being a beginner.
Would you like to see a team back in Seattle?
... 🇬🇷 If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping with mosquito 🙌. . Working with this view in Mykonos #PrivatePool #Suite #feelingblessed #Thankyougod #travelislife xx
German soldiers (Wehrmacht/Heer) walk through the rubble of the industrial district on their way to the frontlines, Stalingrad, December, 1942. The factories of industrial discrict of Stalingrad, now Volvograd, would be the 6th Army's choice for their last stand. They used whatever they could find to defend themselves, shrapnel, jagged pieces of metal from machinery, their entrancing tools, and the few weapons they had. It became a ferocious and hellish close quartered battle with Soviet tanks busting through the walls, running over the unlucky few who could not move. Then infantry would pull through the holes and the fighting amplified three fold. It was madness and I'm trying to describe it as best I can but I can't even put it into words but I'll try. Just imagine being freezing cold, weak from dysentery and starvation, when you hear the Soviets charging you yelling "OOORAAAHHHH!" You perk your head up and grab a piece of metal, fully aware this is where you will die. Then, tanks smash through the walls and the screams of men being run over drown any other sound out. The infantry pores through and you stumble to avoid their bullets. You see a Soviet soldier coming at you and you quickly bring him down with a boulder you picked up but then you go cold. You slowly look down and there is a bayonet through your chest. Someone got you from behind, you slump to the ground and everything goes black. That was the reality hundreds faced in just the few hours of that final stand. I colorized this photograph myself and feedback is always appreciated!
#Fernweh! Mit dir jetzt einfach losfahren... in die Sonne, die sich in Deutschland gerade nicht blicken lässt, das wär es jetzt 😍. Den Song "Ins Blaue" von Max Giesinger findet ihr auf unseren Playlisten, Link in der Bio! _______ #songquotes #songpoeten #songzitat #sprueche #songtext #musikpoesie #visualstatements #schoenezitate #madeingermany #lyricsoftheday #songtextweisheiten #schoenesprueche #visualstatements #quotes #zitate #zitatezumnachdenken #zitateaufdeutsch #zitateundsprueche #maxgiesinger #insblaue @maxgiesinger