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Beach roller coaster made from lego Follow us @ifyouhigh
Dudeney's Dissection: an equilateral triangle can be cut (dissected) into four pieces that will then assemble into a square. This hinged model is comprised of precision machined and anodized aluminum, and can be folded back and forth between the two simplest regular polygons. It is not known if a similar three piece dissection is possible. Also called the haberdasher's problem and described in 1907 by Henry Dudeney. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get this and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #math #mathtoy #triangle #square #polygon #regularpolygon #dudeney #dissection #geometry #tiling #mathpuzzle #physicstoy #science #scienceisawesome #mathstoy
А давайте поиграем!))) Пиши в комментариях игру, которая первая пришла в голову😊👇 Наука - это приключение, отправляйся в него вместе с @science__vines. #science #наука #интересно #факты #поразительно #эксперимент #техника #технологии #interesting #instascience #facts By @insiderscience
So… are we in the future yet? Looks like it. 🔥 This is ‘Daedalus,’ a completely functional jetpack system built by U.K. inventor Richard Browning and his British-based venture Gravity Industries. ‘Daedalus’ combines six body-mounted jet engines with an exoskeleton suit allowing for vertical take-off, landing, and flight. The jet engines are kerosene-fuelled, micro gas turbines with 22 kilograms of thrust each, and fuel is stored in a special backpack-style gas tank. Browning has gotten flight time up to 12 minutes, and the rig can theoretically travel at a speed of up to 450 km/h (280 mph). While still in the research and development phase, ‘Daedalus’ is hopefully another sign of our impending sci-fi future. Photo: Gravity Industries. What crazy science fiction invention do you hope comes to fruition? #science #engineering #jetpack #gravityindustries #ironman #aviation #innovation #invention #future
NASA Sees Quick Development of Hurricane Dora (Swiper, no swiping! 👧🏻🔎🌎) -- The fourth tropical cyclone of the Eastern Pacific Ocean season formed on June 25 and by June 26 it was already a hurricane. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Dora on June 25 when it was a tropical storm and the next day it became the first hurricane of the season. Tropical Depression Dora developed around 11 p.m. EDT on Saturday, June 24 about 180 miles (290 km) south of Acapulco, Mexico. By 5 a.m. EDT on June 25, the depression had strengthened into a tropical storm and was named Dora. Seven and a half hours later, Dora showed signs of better organization. At 11 p.m. EDT, the National Hurricane Center or NHC noted "Dora's cloud pattern has continued to quickly improve this evening. Several well-defined spiral bands wrap around the center and the CDO has become more symmetric and expanded since the previous advisory." At 5 a.m. EDT on Monday, June 26, Dora became the first hurricane of the Eastern Pacific Ocean hurricane season. Satellite data indicate that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 80 mph (130 kph) with higher gusts. The NHC said the eye of Hurricane Dora was located near latitude 16.7 degrees North and longitude 105.3 degrees West. That's about 170 miles (275 km) south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. Dora was moving toward the west-northwest near 13 mph (20 kph), and the NHC forecast said that general motion with some decrease in forward speed is expected over the next 48 hours. On the forecast track, the center of Dora is expected to remain offshore of the coast of southwestern Mexico. Some strengthening is likely today before weakening is forecast to begin on Tuesday, June 27. For updated forecasts, visit: Credit: NASA/NOAA #nasagoddard #weather #science #Dora #Hurricane
Давайте поиграем ? ВОЙНА ПОЛОВ ♂♀ . Мальчики♂ прибавляют 2 , а девочки♀ вычитают 2. Если сумма дойдет до 2000 - выиграли мальчики♂, если дойдет до 0, то девочки♀ Начинаем старт со 1000! Не пропусти новые видео 😍 ✏ ✅ Еще больше видео тут Лучшие видео #videoscience #science #instascience #наука #факты #технологии #инновации #эксперимент #опыты #интересно #техника #поразительно #interesting @rubenorozcoloza