• Si comm 😂😂😂
    21-Apr-2017 17:30:32 PM
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"On my birthday, Daniel and I went to a Greek restaurant in Chicago where I opened up the best present of my life – a 20-page itinerary for a completely planned and booked trip to #Greece! We were about to start a daunting four years of long distance as I had to move to Philadelphia for my medical residency, so I was so excited to get to do this trip together. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a perfectly orchestrated fairytale proposal...." Full story on! #dearfuturehusband, #greeceproposalsalwayswin
Sunsets and diamonds 💜💎
Love is boundless ❤️😭/ photography: @kyleemarieshaw as seen on @loveandwildhearts