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We have had SO many questions on our new Cricut Maker. We can't wait for you to see all the possibilities of this machine! Buckle in because this may be a tad bit of a novel! Here are the cold hard facts: -Cricut Maker offers up to 10x the cutting power of the Cricut Explore — 4kg which allows cutting materials up to 3/32" thick. -It will also cut the most delicate of materials — crepe and tissue paper. -The newest tools (the knife blade and rotary blade) work with a gear system allowing the blade to turn and lift precisely when needed. -We came out with the Maker because the amount of force needed to cut thicker materials was just not possible for any other Cricut machine to handle. -The Adaptive Tool System has been introduced to allow the tools to grow with you and your ever changing DIY wants! -Don't want to back your fabrics and felts? No problem! Because your rotary blade will lift and cut directly on top of your material as opposed to a drag style cut, your fabric will not need to be backed when using the Cricut Maker! Tell us what you think! Oh - and swipe through the see some amazing projects made with the Cricut Maker! #Cricut #CricutMaker #CricutMade #diy #technology
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