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It's nights like this that I'm going to desperately miss about home 😭. .
so i may have possibly posted another youtube video? wherein my face makes an appearance?? it's sort of a haul/collection of calligraphy & bullet journaling supplies (pens, notebooks, washi and the like), and i would love it if you guys would check it out 💕 the link is in my bio and on my story, or you can search alittlebookworld on youtube 🙈 • (picture above featuring my absolute favorite, I'll Give You the Sun, looking gorgeous and aesthetic as usual 😊) •
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posted a new book haul! here's a little peek. link to my channel in my bio! | i partnered with @disneybooks to help promote serafina & the splintered heart. can't wait to start that series! what's the most recent book you picked up? #ad #books #bookstagram
"Nook people might be terrible at giving and receiving hugs despite often feeling—on the whole, at home and in public—as though we are holding on tight. Nook people sense slight tremors or the onset of a neck rash when faced with people at parties who yell-speak. A nook person catches sight of the quiet cranny at a gathering: the arm of a couch, a sill to perch on, the corner of a counter where the vegetable platter—only celery and ashy carrots are left—has been abandoned. A nook person finds the dog at a party; drinks wine from a mug; sits on the floor and braids carpet tassels only to become self-conscious and unbraid them. From afar, even nearby actually, a nook person can seem like a real bore. The last person whom you want to meet. A fun-killer. A nook person plays catch-up when someone's joke lands, embarrassed that her laugh isn't proportionate to just how funny she thought the joke actually was. That was funny, she'll say to compensate. Despite her many efforts, a nook person will suffer from a few-seconds lag...As children, nook people so wished to be forgotten in department stores. Locked inside once the doors were closed. They were very good at hide-and-seek, perhaps even overlooking the game's reciprocal nature. Because when nook people find themselves lost briefly, they are stunned into a phenomenal sense of peace." - Durga Chew-Bose. How can a writer so completely animate the inner sanctum of my mind? I'm in awe.
Males, di luar PANAS!! ☀️☀️😁 . #drawing #home #books #bed #abstractart
Happy Saturday! 😄 I have a habit of not using pretty bookmarks like this one handmade by @thepenguinco. I guess it's cause I don't want to ruin it. 😆 You can use my code 'READINGONCLOUD9' for 10% off your order! 😊 | #books #bookstagram #vscobooks #thepenguinco
What you must Understand, My love, Is that time Will not wait For you. This life Will not wait For you. The beauty Of this moment Will pass, And it will blur Into the next, And you will Float on Until you change Into your next Beautiful form. Love each phase Of your journey, But don't hold on Too hard, For you might miss The beauty That the next moment Has to offer, And that would be A true tragedy.
Не могу терпеть, ибо мне тааааак нравится фотография 😏 #книголица от @labirintru #книгиЛозовой 2017:53✅ Майя Г.Леонард - Фабр. Королева жуков Издательство @robinsfantasy 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞 Долгожданное продолжение Фабра в моих цепких ручонках 🤗 и вот, вуаля, книга прочитана очень быстро и оставила очень приятные впечатления 👏 О чем же книга? Вернув папу домой, ребята не могут перестать думать о злобной Лукреции, которая 💯%-но не отказалась от захвата мира 👏 близится кинопремия в Лос-Анджелесе, на котором может случиться что-то ужасное, ведь Каттэр никогда прежде не появлялась на таких мероприятиях. Смогут ли ребята для начала добраться в ЛА, а уже потом помешать злодейке? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Вторая часть, ребятки, оказалась ничуть не хуже первой 😊 отличное чтиво для подростков, сдобренное экшеном, переживаниями, приятными новыми героями, старыми героями, открывшимися с новых сторон 👏 И приятным бонусом в этой книге стали иллюстрации! Иллюстрации самого автора) а кто, как не она, может знать, как выглядят герои 😊👏 Единственное, что немного огорчило, это некоторое количество опечаток😬 но ребята пообещали все исправить в новом тираже 👏😊 Ставлю крепкую 🌟🌟🌟🌟 и конечно рекомендую всем подросткам😏 П.с.ну Лукреция сучка все-таки) 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞 Читали Фабра? И вообще любите книги Робинс? Для меня большинство их книг (особенно Библиоманты) вообще в топе🔥 оформление, содержание, новые авторы ✨ так что я без опаски читаю их книги и вам советую, кстати)
Amo a Sue y a todos los de Glee 💛 Meme hecho por mí! Si lo utilizas tenés que darme créditos o denuncio😥 #glee #corymonteith #😭 #sue #suesylvester #books
Giraffe Bookshelf by The Land of Nod. #p_roduct
PARA LOS QUE HAN PEDIDO UNA SERIE DE ESPECIALES... {Alice In Wonderland, Oscuros (Fallen), Percy Jackson, Narnia, Sherlock, Bajo la misma estrella, 50 Sombras, Hush Hush, Los Juegos del Hambre, Divergente, entre otros.} LES HAREMOS UNA MEZCLA DE TODOS ELLOS. <3 #especiales #mixtos #frases #movies #books #libros #peliculas #frases #leer #leeressexy #lector #lectores #read #reading #reader #goodbook »Oscurita🖤⚡️
Saturday morning post is always a lovely occurrence ...yesterday's delivery ,however, caused me to jump up and down , pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming and create a smile that could not get any wider! I was so,so elated with what had arrived but even more so as I was able to share this wonderful moment with the Man, Evon ( from South Africa) and Chris and Kathy( from New York) ...thank goodness they were there a, to calm me down and make me a strong cup of tea and b, to hug and be hugged..several times...sleep is, at the moment, something that is not happening but there is plenty of time for that later! So excited to see the book published in Italian and German.. Thank you thank you thank you CICO Books!!!❤️📚❤️x For all the lovely comments from all of you ...I simply cannot tell you how I appreciate it...your support and positivity towards me is really overwhelming and I want you to know that I am truly grateful and humbled..thank you.💕 #books #candles #published #craft #scandichristmas #weihnachten #natale
July Sneak Peek of one of the D&D sets coming this month to my Patreon! Had so much fun doing this shoot and bringing my bookworm personal self to life with my lingerie lewd Belle from Beauty in the Beast! #belle #disney #lewd #lewdcosplay #beautyandthebeast #cosplayfun #cosplay #creativefun #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #bookworm #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitnesslife #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymgirl #gymgrind #gymmotivation #books #library #ireland #irelandreid #irelandreidcosplay #teamireland
| 22nd of july, 22:25 | *tries to ignore all social media because I can't go to comic con and all my favourite people are there and I'm not so that makes me sad and insane*
Aprendendo com os grandes pensadores do século XX ✨Learning from the best minds from 20th century #tendenciasfernandamarques #learning #books #amoler #fernandamarquesarquiteta
Przez najbliższy tydzień będę otaczała się tą cudowną biblioteczką! @bookreviewsbyanita ♡ jedzie na wakacje i zajmuję się zwierzakami ♡ #happy #bookstagram #bookstagrampl #book #books #bookshelf #książki #biblioteczki #bookaholics #książkoholiczka
Her insan yemek yer ancak her insan yediklerini hamarat bir anne, bir aşçı veya bir gurme gibi yorumlayamaz çünkü onlar yemekleri daha iyi anlamak ve yapmak adına bir çok tecrübe edinmiş, bu konuda iyi ile kötüyü ayırt etme yeteneğine diğer insanlardan daha üstün bir şekilde erişmişlerdir.  İşte hayat da böyledir: Herkes yaşar ama herkes anlayamaz. Kimi zaman biri daha iyi anlar bir diğerinden. Hayatın tadını tuzunu daha iyi anlamak için neden hâlâ kitap okumuyoruz? . . #blackbooks #bookstagram #kitap #okumak #kitapaşkı #kitapkurdu #sahaf #kitaplar #book #booklove #booklover #stefanzweig #bookish #library #books #bookshelf #booknow #bookstory #harrypotter #kitaplar #bookie #selfie #aşk #instagram #love #mutluluk #friends #instalove #instagood
Ich erinnert Euch sicher an Jochen, den Vertreter aus dem @hanserliteratur Verlag. Heute zeige ich Euch ein #latergram - damals hatten wir beide schon das grandiose Buch von @stephan_porombka (toller Instagram Feed, Autor, Kolumnist, Professor an der Berliner Universität der Künste) - "Es ist Liebe" - gelesen - morgen ist endlich der offizielle Erscheinungstermin und ich darf darüber reden ❤️Porombka ruft in diesem (übrigens auch wunderschön gestalteten) Büchlein eine romantische Revolution aus. Und was für eine!!!!! Dieses Buch ist ein flammendes Pläydoyer für die neuen digitalen Medien, und sollte jedem Kulturpessimisten in die Hand gedrückt werden. Es erzählt, wie sich unsere Beziehungen durch Smartphones, Chats, Apps wie #instagram, #tinder und Co verändern - und das schöne daran: für ihn ist es (genau wie für mich), nicht der Untergang der abendländischen Kultur - wir erleben gerade einfach eine Zeit des Umbruchs, des Wandels - "Romantisch zu sein heißt auch jetzt, mit allen neuen Bedienungen und Möglichkeiten zu experimentieren. Man muss Liebesbriefe schreiben. Aber nicht mehr so wie gestern." Der Text schreit, wirbelt, mäandert, assoziiert, ist klug aufgebaut und voller Anreize, neue Dinge auszuprobieren, die Liebe und die Romantik neu zu betrachten. "Der Liebesbrief schafft eine Wirklichkeit, in der sich Liebende berühren können, ohne einander zu begegnen." Was damals noch über Briefpapier stattfand, ist heutzutage in einer manigfaltigen Art und Weise zu "erleben" - SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Voicemails, Selfie - die Liebe (und auch die Erotik) und die Art, diese zu erleben, wurde/wird durch die digitale Revolution komplett verändert - und wir alle sind ein Teil davon. Lest dieses Buch - es regt an, altbewährtes neu und anders zu betrachten - und trifft voll ins Schwarze - auch gerade für uns Instagram User. "Mit jedem Bild stellst du dir die Frage, wer Du bist. Und jedes Bild gibt dir eine kleine Antwort, die mit einer anderen im nächsten Bild von Dir ergänzt wird. (...) Selbstbilder machen heißt, mit Dir selbst kleine Spiele zu spielen, über die Du Dich selbst variierst. Guck ganz genau hin. Guck dich selbst an. (...) 👇🏻
Dün kitaplığımı azıcık düzenledim (tamamı ne zamana kısmetse artık?) Şeker'im de yardım etti. 😉 I organized my library yesterday. Seker the cat also helped me! 😽 #sekerthecat #mylibrary #booklover #kitapsever #okur #books #bookshelf #shelf #library #homelibrary #kitapkurdu #kitap #kitaplik #bizimevinhalleri #katze #siamese #cat #kedi #catlover #succulents #çiçek #organized #homesweethome #ilovemylife #succulove #catsofistanbul #fotografheryerde #objektifimden #ig_myshot #instabook
Günaydın! Hadi bugün gönderiye yorum olarak kalp atmak yerine neler okuduğunuzu, son zamanlarda sizi çok etkileyen kitapları, filmleri yazın bunlar hakkında biraz sohbet edelim ne dersiniz? ;) Herkese şimdiden mutlu pazarlar! Dipnot: ben ve @guppybooks Masaldan Öte Melete'yi okuyoruz.
I've just made my tbr for next weeks booktubeathon and while it is a bit ambitious I'm pretty confident I can knock off at least four or five of them without much trouble. So, here's my seven picks in no particular order and what challenges they go along with: ❊ The Wrath and the Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh- book with a person on the cover/hyped book ❊ Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz- character that is different from you/ hyped book ❊ Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough - book with a person on the cover/ book you bought because of the cover ❊ Beastly Bones by William Ritter - finish a book in one day (pretty confident I can but we'll see) ❊ Reread Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo- hyped book/ finish in one day (again with the probably) ❊ Vicious by V. E. Schwab- person on the cover ❊ Your Soul is A River by Nikita Gill- finish a book in one day/ read a book completely outside (chose this one because it's a poetry book so i'll be able to finish it in a short period of time because It's very hot where I live and i'd rather be inside) If you have no idea what the booktubeathon is but think you would like to participate go check out their account @booktubeathon! What books do you think you'll be marathoning next week?
Is anyone else really bad at reading the last book in a series?🙃 I think I read the fourth Percy Jackson...a year ago?😬 I'm just awful at finishing series.
MEET THE BOOKSTAGRAMMER Es ist zwar schon schändlich lange her, aber nun möchte auch ich endlich den Tag #meetthebookstagrammer machen! Vielen Dank an @literarischernerd , @subtastisch und @buchmelodie fürs taggen❤️! 1) Wo möchtest du leben? In Trier❤️ 2) War dein Account als bookstagram geplant? Nein 3) Hast du noch andere Accounts? Nein. 4) Was ist dein literarischer Traumjob? Eine Berufung, die ich eventuell kommendes Jahr realisieren werde: Doktorandin in der Literaturwissenschaft (und danach dann Dozentin) 5) Was magst du an Serien am liebsten? Lese kaum welche. Wenn ich mal eine lese, schätze ich sehr, dass mir das Universum des Romans so lange erhalten bleibt. 6) Welche Autoren (tot oder lebendig) würdest du gerne treffen? Highsmith, Isherwood, Herrndorf, Ovid, Cunningham, Crichton 7) Welches sind deine Lieblingsorte, die du schon bereist hast? Rom, Weimar, USA, GB 8) Welches ist dein Lieblingsort? Die Wohnung von @vermis_librorum und mir! 9) Lieblingsessen? Sushi (wie man sieht😜) 10) Lieblingsmusik? Depeche Mode, Gentleman und klassische Musik 11) Wenn du auf einer einsamen Insel gestrandet wärst, welche fiktiven Charaktere hättest du gerne dabei? Einen kleinen Buchling, Aeneas, Oshima (Kafka am Strand) und Clarissa (Die Stunden) #sushi #bookstagrammer #books #me #bookstagram #instabooks
🌏 Adelaide is home to one of the most spectacular libraries in the world! If your feeling the blues from the weather why not go check it out and get inspired ⭐️🙌🏼 pic by @marinaisririn #theadelaideset #australia #libary #books #worldclass #cold #winter #love
Buongiorno a tutti 💕 In questi giorni sto lavorando al sequel... Molte di voi si ricorderanno che la seconda parte del libro l'avevo scritta con entrambi i punti di vista dei protagonisti... So che vi piaceva molto questa scelta, ma se questa struttura ci poteva stare in una fanfiction, per un romanzo non va affatto bene! Quindi ora sto lavorando ai POV di Alexander, tentando di mantenere in qualche modo tutte quelle parti che lo vedevano narratore. ❤️ #ilkarmadellamoreinaspettato #sundaymood #sunday #sundaymorning #writing #scrivere #books #bookstagram #libro #libri #leggere #creativity #domenica #buongiorno #buongiornocosì #colazione
(23/07/17-10:40) (people:1500) ECCO il Capricorno SCORRI a destra per il secondo post 🍕😀 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #qotd Voto al Capricorno? *se volete aggiungete la motivazione* #qotd2 siete Capricorno? La descrizione corrisponde? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #capricorn #capricorno #fandom #oroscopo #zodiaco #fangirl #fanboy #serietv #libri #books #book #editsbyfandoroscopo ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ¦¦lunatica 🌙