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    25-Apr-2017 21:38:59 PM
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From @elliethecutie_: "Throwback when Amy was little❀️ (The milk in the video was cat milk replacement powder, NOT cow milk πŸ‘ŒπŸ»)" #catsofinstagram
From @thelavaempire: "Phoebe is flying away 😁" #cutepetclub
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Credit @goldieboyrio 🐢 -- Shop for dog lovers πŸ‘‰ @boopetclub 🐢 Link in bio
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Northern Thailand king feeding video. If you don't like this then scroll past. King cobras eat snakes. The slug snake's nervous system gets destroyed from every bite the king takes out til it becomes a wiggling piece of cabbage. The feeder doesn't even feel any pain or know what's going on, once it gets in shock then it's over. Also 8/11 of my baby kings are in shed now πŸ˜…