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Thank you for making this the #1 most added song on Urban Radio last wk. S/O to all the PD's! #RegretInYourTearsChallenge on continues. Winners come to my next award show appearance. From any country in the world! Group videos accepted. Already picked 3 winners that came to Billboard Awards 😛who's next?!?!! 🎀 #RegretInYourTears
chocolate on my mouth .... @noahcyrus on her phone .... typical sissy night ... ( bad ass vegan ice cream!!!! 🍦🍨)
Dope words on a dope Saturday! #comedicrockstarshit #livelovelaugh
My mama just sent me this! Thank YOU to my home station @1075theriver for playin #Malibu ! Nashville will ALWAYS be my home! Love you!
💲 I ❤️ you Johnny! 💲
Für mich ist es wirklich nen Traum Turbo. Alles in einem Auto 😍 #lowasshit #bigboost #bigwing #porsche #991turbo #991gtturbo @kw_suspension @rotiform
한강에서 버스킹 열심히하는 허니스트 동생들! 노래도 좋고 잘생기고ㅎㅎ 다음엔 형이 끝까지 응원하고 갈게~ 화이팅 #한강공원 #허니스트 #버스킹 #화이팅
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ฝนตก...ทางเราต้องมีตัวช่วย 👞☔️ #งดฝากร้านนะคะ
Congratulations Scarlett! ❤️ So proud of you graduating and getting a highest honors medal! 🥇 Moving on to grade 1!🎓 #scarlettdoll
I've had a fever since last night and I just realized I'm a Kristy
OOTD by @honestlykate - Yay?
I'll be in LA with the homies soon, tickets in my bio😛
What kind of world do we live in, if a man's @PXG get stolen right out of his car!?! ( @fratellicafe is amazing 😉)
Lately I've been trying to not be so insanely happy about temporary things. I've been working on being happy about the fact that sunsets are free, and I have a view of these massive mountains outside my window, and my boyfriend is the best man in the world, and that my very very very best friends are long lasting people to me. Don't ever say, "When I get there, I'll be happy." Or, "When I get that, I'll be happy." Be happy NOW, with what you have now, and who you are now. You'll get there, but that doesn't mean you can't love where you're at in life in this moment❤️
lovin my nude comfy flats @sofabph today ❤️ photo by @mariesteller 📷
この1枚 詰まってるひとりひとり ニキカメラ向けると 絶対 決めてくれる😉 マイコーhappyguyhonestguy アンちゃん いっちゃってる エビアンしっかーり 映画のチケット買ってくれる🎫
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Take a moment to thank all who have served our country ❤❤ we are undoubtedly grateful for you
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