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The time we spend dreaming helps us in overcoming painful experiences. #nowplaying Coldplay - The Scientist { #przegladinstagrama}

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Small excerpt from "kerwin frost VERSION 1" releasing MAY 1st at 3pm VIA cianmoore.com
Just in case you think I only eat dessert. Annnnnd let's be honest, I do three times a day. Of course my 13.5 mile bike ride yesterday took me next to a patio where someone was smashing cheese sticks. So naturally, I had to make some today. Macros for all 12 of these pieces with the sauce are 25P,8.35F,15C,225 calories. Swipe right for pictures of the ingredients. 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare a pan with aluminum foil and spray. Set aside. Prepare 12g of Italian bread crumbs in a small bowl with parsley mixed in. Pour 15g of egg white in another small bowl. Mix in a dash of salt and pepper. Pour 4.5g of quinoa flour in another small bowl. You can use other flour, this is just most macro friendly. 2. Cut three pieces of light string cheese in half. You can stop here and have 6 bigger pieces OR you can slice those down the middle and have 12 smaller pieces. I found it was easier to coat with small pieces. 3. Cover each piece in flour. Shake off extra flour. Dip in the egg white immediately. Then coat in the bread crumbs. Move each piece to the pan covered in aluminum foil. AFTER THEY ARE DONE FREEZE FOR 30 minutes. This is important and will not work if you don't. After you remove them from freezer, spray with the spray butter a few times. After this step is complete bake at 400 degrees for 15 mins turning the cheese sticks every 5 mins. Enjoy! #iifym #balance #flexibledieting #cheatmeal #lowfat #lowcarb #italian #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #foodgram #food #foodporn #cheese #cheesy #nutrition #fitfam #fitness #foodie
Supposed to be gymming this lunch and poling tonight however my day is going from bad to worse and don't think I'm going to be able to do either 😫 this is not going to improve my mood 😂
This is no easy task. Perfect Scoop 🍦 🎥 By @alexandre_dufeu Do U Love Gourmet And Pastry? Follow 👉 @simplistic_food
enjoying a bowl full of coconut & berries goodness before doing my least favorite #bbg workout- arms day it is😭🙈 maaaake it: a packet of @rightfoods chia crunch organic superfood hot cereal (oats, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds), 1/3 c toasted coconut almond milk, 1 scoop @vitalproteins collagen peptides, 1 tbsp @siggisdairy coconut yogurt-mixed all up and chilled overnight. topped with lots of berries, banana, shredded coconut, @wild_friends pb and @squareorganics chocolate coconut bar. 👌🏻💯 {use the code healthymood_sf for 20% off + free shipping at squareorganics.com} happy hump day!!
Onko tässä Paskin suomihunttituote? Me Paskoissa Suomi100-tuotteissa ollaan sitä mieltä, että ajan hermolla on pysyttävä eli onhan meiänkin postattava tämä upea #juhlaraha. Valitettavasti tässä ei lue kovin isolla, että kyseessä on Paska Suomi 100 Tuote mutta onneksi sen näkee ilmankin! Arvostetaan yritystä, katsotaan mitä vuosi tuo tullessaan x) Meistä esim. hunttipäkki karjalaa tai karjalan piirakka ois ollu kova juhlis rahis kuva. Mitä Sä haluisit Suomi 100 Juhla Raha Rahaan? #rahantakii #suomi100 #🇫🇮💯 #sisällissota #design
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~CAKE TUTORIAL ~ Spotted this Lovely Cake Decorating Technique 🌈💛💚💖👌...... @Regrann from @ashleyshotwellcakes - Reading Rainbow Cake for a book club meeting! 🌈🎂✨📚📖💕 #HowTowithCakebakeoffNg #Cakebakeoffng #CboCakes #CakeTutorials #CakeTip #Instalove #Likeforlike #AmazingCake #CakeInspiration
As an animal lover - both land and water - I've been raising my bass for years now on our farm. I feed them like kings with live bait and train them to be extra aggressive killers. I have specialists come in to inspect the water, vegetation and ecosystem to make sure they're living like the top of the food chain predators they are. Big daddy comes home to recharge his batteries & spend time with them and not even one of these ungrateful fat hogs will strike my top water plug I've been working for an hour now. Cool.. just remember who's in charge of the fish food truck you sum bitches. #ResetAndRecharge #JohnsonFarm #WhereEvenTheBassHaveAttitude 🎣🤙🏾
Lunch is a bit beige and brown (my fave) 😂 had leftover Bol and cheese toastie ❤️
Peace over violence ✌🏼❣️ Spending #denimday with @guess and it's amazing charity event to help prevent sexual violence. Wear jeans with a purpose today! 💙 #denim #jeans #ootd #guess @peaceoverviolenceorg
como resistir a esse sorriso? 🙈
i love u more.
Follow me ( @advices) for more amazing posts! 🦄✨ C: @ronaldrestituyo - 👉🏼💜 @advices 💜👈🏼 👉🏼💜 @advices 💜👈🏼 👉🏼💜 @advices 💜👈🏼
Step round there...what's good what's good?
Família amanhã andamos por Bragança na Semana Académica. Tamos Juntos meu people!!
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This past Saturday, the world of athletics experienced an evolution of sport and entertainment, the world's first ever BAYWATCH SLOW MO CHALLENGE. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS, Hannah Sexton, Patrick Batiste and Quinn Boylan. Hannah, we'll see you in Miami for the #Baywatch premiere. ** Now for some MORE FUN.. go ahead and post your own #SlowMoChallenge using the hashtags #Baywatch #SlowMoChallenge. We'll pick ONE WINNER and fly you & and guest out to Miami to join me and our cast for our #BAYWATCH WORLD PREMIERE. Be creative, be FUNNY because as you know, everything is better in Slow Mo. I mean EVERYTHING. As an added incentive the winner gets to take a selfie with Zac's 36 pack abs. Just abs 1-11. Anything higher than that is inappropriate. #SlowMoChallenge #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth? #BAYWATCH
Prague, Czech Republic
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