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Przedstawiam Państwu fertyczną oddziałową Wandę Jureczko #newproject #tvn z @maciej_zakoscielny @maja.ostaszewska @antek.krolikowski @magda.poplawska
Via @rose_thorns1921 Double tap if loved💗 . ⬆️Tag⬆️ Comment⬆️ Share⬆️ . Follow for more such quotes⬇️ Motivational⏺️Success ⏺️Inspiration⏺️ @_my_happinesss___ ✌️ Keep following guys💗
Hahah tyłek jak Kim Kardashian 😂 Ułożenie sukienki dużo potrafi zrobić 👌🏻👌🏻😂
i love u more.
616. who am i? Love yourself in all your phases, no matter how dark they may be. 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔
You can start your diet next year.
Nie lubię Tomka, ale wyszedł tu słodko i mogę go trochę polubić za to.
Ready for the show. #EDbypetsmart
there is nothing wrong with tears 🌧
sky. (Illustrated by @wolfwednesdays )
Love this little number by @balmain ❤️🤗. Smiling is the key to being happy and staying young 😉
613. in the middle
My NYC fans are on their way to L.A. #nyc2ellen #Repost @suehade ・・・ When @theellenshow flys you out to LA! #nyc2ellen #NYC ➡️ #LA
Follow @global.huskies for the cutest husky pictures! Also, they are having a Free Giveaway coming up that you don't want to miss!
We did it! We brought #NYC2Ellen! Thanks, Capital One for making it possible. #LaughDancePartner
Bird Watching in Olympic National Park Photo by © @elliothawkey #OurPlanetDaily
This morning Alex met Rep J.M. Lozano (R - Kingsville) chairman of the House Higher Education Committee!
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