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So the other day was painting a peony and today is drawing one. This is actually one of my favorite things to do. I don't sketch in advance, I just draw. I find it calming. Something about being in the moment, adding petals to creating balance... I find it so soothing. Anyway, I wish I didn't have to speed things up to 24x to make it all fit but oh well! Pens: @tombowusa mono drawing pen 01 and @sakuraofamerica #pigmamicron 005 . . . . #drawing #sketch #linedrawing #blackworknow #art #peony #penandink #sketching #drawingoftheday #illustration #illustrations
Steve Bannon is reportedly leaving the White House. In Matt Taibbi’s recent feature, "War in the White House," he looked at how months of palace intrigue have pitted the D.C. establishment against the chief strategist. Read the full story at Illustration by Victor Juhasz
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