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    21-Apr-2017 17:23:17 PM
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Another intense quad day for a long-distance runner! After 4/5 Cupping Therapy sessions, this client is no longer feeling the usual hamstring tightness that has been a problem for YEARS!
The shrug exercise for people who can't feel shrugs! - This full workout will be posted to The Daily Pump, on my site, tomorrow! Updated daily. Link in bio - Shrug machine variation- using a hack squat plate loaded machine to do a shrug movement! Take in the arms out of the equation put full focus on the upper traps - I always tell people that have issues feeling shrugs it in their upper traps, that a majority of the time too much bending is taking place in your elbows engaging your biceps to help take over! Keeping your arms as straight as possible on dumb bell movements are going to help engage the traps the most! - Taking your arms completely out of the exercise like this (arms not holding weight) is pure trap! It is pretty incredible how quickly you'll feel it in just your traps and nowhere else. _____________________________________________________________ #thequadguy #teamon #optimumnutrition #staygolden💥 #goldenaesthetics
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Between the walls & the steel + glass shower door, we aren't sure what we love more in this exquisite bath designed by @lucyandcompany. Absolutely gorgeous!
Tan and lighting... completed it mate - Day after I won Mr Model last year pre @alexwightmanphotography shoot #abs #shredded #personaltrainer #motivation
Siked for Saturday! 🤓
Super busy day today but still fit in some time to get to the gym to train upper body! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, the only difference is what we make a priority, and I'm a firm believer that your own self deserves to be one of those priorities! How did you make yourself a priority today? Share below!
❤️PRESS PLAY❤️ Easy twist bun 👵🏼 __ Wearing @bellamihair two 3 clips in my hair from my Khaleesi 280g 20" set in color Ash brown __ Super easy when you are lazy but want a cute hair look! Just put my clips upside down then twist 2 sections of hair and pin them with bobby pins ~ used extensions for volume ❤️ - hair bow from @forever21 __ Use code "Alexandraxo" for money off #bellamihair __ On lips @liplandcosmetics "Radioactive" liquid lipstick #liplandcosmetics __ Song 🎶 Major Lazor- Run up
It's that time of year when I have to upload my #implanted #defibrillator to the hospital to keep an eye on me. #triathlete #fitover40 #tri365 #swimbikerun #triathlon #tritraining #longqt #winnerstrainloserscomplain
Moin Freunde 🙌🏼 heute ist der übliche Restday 🙏🏼 ich glaube ich habe gestern 5000kcal locker gegessen🤢 ich muss ja noch gut aufladen bevor es in die Diät geht 😁😼 also bis 4000kcal habe ich alles getrackt ab dann war es Bonus 🏋🏼‍♀️😊 so #fitfam euch wünsche ich einen Tag voller Essen 🥘 📈👱🏼. #bodybuilding #behealthy #determination #dedication #passion #behappy #lifestyle #bethebestversionofyourself #bethechange #betterthanyesterday #keepgoing #eatcleantraindirty #believeinyourself #yourownway #100procent #discipline #killit #nutrition #mindset #fitness #gym #workhard #train #focus #stayinshape #freedom #struggle #willpower
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New Fave Filter 🤘🖖☝😂 Happy Tuesday Everyone 💪
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HUGE thank you to Chris and Adam at @phase4performance, who managed to squeeze in a very last minute appointment for me this morning! ✨ Have had a bad neck for almost two weeks and thinking it would just "fix itself", 🤕 I kept leaving it 🙄 which I obviously shouldn't of done! I can't get over how much better it feels even after one session! Look forward to going back Wednesday for another session and perhaps some dry needling if needed! 📞 Contact details in this picture and obviously I am stoked with my results so far so I would definitely recommend!! 🙌🏼
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“As a trainer, Aaron is highly motivating and engaging, don’t get me wrong he works me hard and pushes me to my limits, but his sessions are very enjoyable and I look forward to them each week. He has given me a lot of confidence and has shown me how to fit the gym into my lifestyle to help me get to and maintain my goals.”
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