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    21-Apr-2017 17:44:55 PM
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this house in brazil has been specifically designed by SPBR arquitetos not to touch the ground. a steel #staircase hovers above the landscape, leading to an elevated part of the home. photo by nelson kon⠀ ⠀ see more #architecture in #brazil on #designboom #SPBRarquitetos
Architecturally stunning ... | by Valerie Grant Interiors |
"There is something about L.A.'s atmosphere that makes you feel totally unhindered. Like you can do anything and be anything. Anything is possible." - @janaeclarice #💥LA | What do you love about L.A.? Tell us your story and you could be featured next. Photo: @marc.jay_ #discoverLA
Progress. About 16' of the 100' mural I'm working on at Facebook LA. I'm almost done with 3 weeks and have probably about a week more to go. If you're following my story, this is the third sort of portal area. For those not following my story - Be sure to check it out because I'm sharing tons! @fbairprogram
This is where our designs are born. #TarunTahiliani #Studio #StudioInsights #Architecture
Wait for it | #1011drawings