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Finally Katrina on Instagram @katrinakaif WLCM 🎆✨✨ . . . نرحب بالجميله #كاترينا_كيف لدخولها الانستقرام 🎆✨✨، عقباال بيبو 🙌🏻 . . . #kareenakapoor #kareenakapoorkhan #bollywood #katrinakaif
Here’s a time-lapse, bird’s-eye view of thousands of protesters marching toward The White House for action on #climatechange. #climatemarch #washingtondc
Photo by @andrea_frazzetta // I was travelling across the sweet hills of Tuscany and I bumped in to the most photographed bunch of trees in the world. A circle of cypresses atop a hill not far from San Quirico d'Orcia, a nice medieval town. Well, I couldn’t resist and I took a simple shot of this iconic landscape. So we are not fell in a desktop screensaver, we are in the beautiful sunny Tuscany, Italy. Arrivederci! @andrea_frazzetta @instituteartist #tuscany #italy
I love her interviews... Thanks @kareenaqueen for posting it..🙏😉😍 #kareena #kareenakapoor #kareenakapoorkhan 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Photo by @dguttenfelder A banquet table is set for visiting VIPs at a hotel in #Pyongyang, North #Korea
Damn these Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers. Follow @9gag - - - 📹 @raccoon_house #9gag #raccoon #trashpanda #rocket
her eyes 💫
Spotted 👀: #leonardodicaprio is leading the #climatemarch in #washingtondc, waving a "climate change is real" sign. Thousands of people who support action on #climatechange are marching through the nation's capital towards The White House tody.
Photo by @dguttenfelder North Korea's Juche Tower stands above the #Pyongyang skyline.
Photo by @salvarezphoto The ancient artwork in Chauvet cave is beyond compare. It is 36,000 years old yet seems so fresh. Standing in front of this artwork is a moving experience. It is as if the artist is talking straight to you across an unimaginable gulf of time. We don't have to wonder what paleolithic people thought, they tell their stories on the cave wall. I founded the Ancient Art Archive to help preserve and explore humanity's first stories (there is a link at @ancientartarchive that takes the project page). Follow the new @ancientartarchive feed for more #rockart #cave #paleolithic
The saddest Spongebob episode. Follow @9gag #9gag #spongebob
#PopeFrancis sent a message of tolerance and co-existence Saturday in a Mass at a #Cairo stadium before concluding his two-day trip to #Egypt. The visit was designed to forge Muslim-Christian brotherhood and show solidarity with the country's persecuted Coptic Christian minority.
Именной Ролс Ройc❤️
Stylish bae 💕
🎥 via @greatbigstory ・・・ At 84, Chandro Tomar, aka @ShooterDadiOfficial, is the oldest female sharpshooter in the world. Now she's training other young women in her community, raising a new generation of girls that are calling their own shots.
Bebo and Kareena 😍🌺
La plage , Marseillan Plage
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