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Настроение декабря 🎄🎁 Photo: @a_mavrin #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #GalinaDub
First learn the meaning of what u say, and then speak. #w_issam #art #of #speech #art_of_speech #dubai
“Creator behind the creation” Photography by @davidecarson I want to be known for what i do and what i create, I don’t want to be known for what i look like! So i came up with this beautiful idea of me behind my creation. As you have already noticed almost all my artworks represent something very personal. Many people know my works but don’t know me by my face and it doesn’t make me feel bad about it, but right the opposite, i feel proud that what i create sticks in people’s minds. i was searching for my style of drawing for a very long time before these illustrations and I finally found it. This illustrations are one of the best things to happen in my life, they bring so much joy to me, creating is so satisfying and relaxing for me, and also the fact that they represent me and my feelings in very different ways gives me happiness. And i want to thank you my dear followers, the ones who stayed so loyal to my art, i’m very grateful to each of you! Let’s be unite together and make the world a better place to live in.
ورق بزنید سر راهتون لطفا لایک کنید💞🦁🐯🐶🐺🐮🐷🐵🐹🐭🐼🐻 #fun #art #جالب #زیبا #هنر #خلاقیت #طراحی @funtomiim @funtomiim
John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) "Nearing home" #paintingsdaily #art #historyofart #arthistory