What a way to start the weekend! Good back/bis sesh so I thought I'd get a nice and simple #flexfriday in! Hope you all have great plans ahead 💪🏼 • • • #bodybuilding #gym #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #gains #fitspo #diet #training #workout #weightlifting #fit #aesthetics #aesthetic #instadaily #instalike #instagood #bicep #flex #selfie #me #smile

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    21-Apr-2017 17:12:32 PM
  • @sarahhisfit Thanks!
    21-Apr-2017 18:49:40 PM
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Micro-sleep merupakan tidur ringan yang hanya terjadi selama 5-10 detik. Hal ini terjadi secara tidak sengaja oleh otak untuk tertidur dan dalam situasi yang monoton, seperti saat berkendara. Biasanya orang-orang akan terbangun dari tidur ini karena mengalami sentakan dari kepalanya. . Penyebab seseorang bisa mengalami micro-sleep adalah kelelahan. Kamu akan terbangun dengan rasa tidak mengetahui apa yang akan kamu tuju atau lakukan setelahnya. . Menurut penelitian, 45 persen laki-laki dan 22 persen perempuan mengalami micro-sleep ketika mereka berkendara. Terkadang micro-sleep terjadi ketika sore dan malam hari. . #infia #infiafact #healthfacts #healthy #health #ngantuk #tidur
TAG SOMEONE THAT IS A WELL ROUNDED ATHLETE⛷🏄🚴🏽🏊🏽⛹ 🇺🇸 #BeHumble #HelpOthers #nevergiveup #sandiego #worldrecord #castleberrynutrition #beyou #lightweight #legendsrunsandiego #striveforgreatness @castleberrynutrition
Glorious Gainz ✨ All at once is a great ab workout, 60 seconds each OR Save the video and use some of them in your current routine 👊🏻
👇COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT!!👇 - ➡️For a Personalized Workout Routine with Detailed Proper Form Breakdown & Video Demonstrations, Visit My Website: OR Click Link in BIO: @aaron_nimmo - 🚨Sprints🚨 - 3 Things to Avoid: ❌Minimal Knee Movement ❌Inefficient Use of Arms ❌Head & Eyes Down - 3 Things to Include: ✅Driving Knees Towards Chest ✅Driving Elbows Back and Hands Towards Chin ✅Head Up & Chin / Eyes Forward - 📲DM ME YOUR EMAIL FOR MORE INFO ON PERSONALIZED WORKOUT ROUTINES -
Finally found PERFECT skin care products.Most of you don't know but but I have PCOS, girls will understand. I was terrified to use any skin care because everything that I try was making it worse... @oseamalibu not only have AMAZING ingredients but also plant based skin care witch in my opinion is the way to go. I will be sharing more information about PCOS and my skin care routine. Stay tuned 😘 👗 from @target #oseamalibu #skin #skincare #pcos #plantbased #veganfriendly #blog #blonde #blondehair #natural #girl #lake #sun #sky #bluesky #nature #naturephotography #beauty #beautytips #style #fashion #fashionblogger #dress #influencer #instagram #instanature #instafashion #colorado #getoutside #pretty
When I was in hot yoga tonight, I noticed there wasn't just sweat dripping down my face—there were tears. In the middle of class I just started sobbing. I was crying because I started thinking about all of the things that have fallen away in my life. Friends and the co-op included. I realized that I ignored the universe's initial whisper to let go... and what is left are my hands, bleeding from holding on so tight. Letting go is so hard for me. As I moved through this yoga flow, I forced my mind to focus on all that remains in my life that is pure and hopeful and abundant. I repeat: "nothing is lost. I am abundant." We lay down in shavasana, and the only thing I can think of at this point is that my deepest desire is to BE LOVE. Even when I'm thrown into the fire, I just want to BE LOVE. I'll come out feeling stronger because LOVE is within me, and love heals all. 💓🌿✨ ✨ Thank you @jzolla for holding me tonight and reminding me that emotion is beautiful. @zoggio ✨ 📸 @juliatrotti at @hiddenhillsvillas 💓💫✨ 👗 @ellemilady
I understand that body building is different and may not be accepted by many. Socially you can put in awkward situations because you are not going with flow of the normality. People look at you different or you may be looked down upon. I don't feel bad though, I accept myself and what makes me truly happy! Maybe body building will never be main stream but either way I truly believe in bringing elegance back. I believe in being excited and passionate! Working for a beautiful physique, and a purpose! A chance to show people that there is so much than supplements, eating, lifting weights and screaming on stage (please don't). Showing people that we are artists and can create poetry with the human body! - - Beautiful capture by @w_wittmannphoto #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @Goldenaestheticsofficial
The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me. ❤ Happy 35th birthday to my human. I got him a balloon for each year he's been on this earth and for all of the reasons I love him. There's not enough balloons to take our house to Paradise Falls but it might be enough to take the two of us. ❤ #carlandellieareourrelationshipgoals