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🌸💓✨ There is LOVE within each of us—and always room for healing. Come into this space of love. Bring it back. Each of us needs compassion, communication, time, physical touch, connection, My simple remedies include: immersing myself in water (pieces 🐬), surrounding myself with flowers 🌺, running, yoga, puppies 🐶, lighting incense, reading books, dancing, singing, being artistic, hugging people, eating FullyRaw, spending time with my family and friends, and thinking of all the things that bring joy. Be you. Don't be afraid to feel. FEELING is a beautiful thing. I've just uploaded a new video. Link in bio! 🙏🏽🌸💓🌺🎋🌴✨ ✨ 🌸 @hiddenhillsvillas with @juliatrotti 💓✨
This heat is killing me..just need a cold shower to cool down a bit.
Sama seperti bau badan, bau kaki juga disebabkan oleh bakteri yang keluar karena keringat. Deodorant berperan untuk bisa mengurangi bau yang dihasilkan dari bakteri. . Caranya menggunakannya, oleskan deodorant pada permukaan kaki sebelum kita menggunakan kaos kaki atau sepatu. Dengan begitu, masalah bau kaki bisa teratasi. . #infia #infiafact #healthfacts #healthy #health #baukaki #deodorant
#MotivationMonday Starting from Sunday I am going to be cutting for something in particular in September ! I really hope I have been able to grow a little more ☺️💪🏼 I think It's so important to always push yourself out of your comfort zone ! 🙌🏼 .
It's crazy looking back at my career and seeing how far I've come. #TeamFrederick #Seattle #Goals #Fitness #Health #Nike #Asics #Now #Athlete #Athletic #Compete #Success #Pride #Motivation #Inspiration Frame Sponsor: @aaronbrothersstores
✅ Pros of grapes: volume, a little fiber, 36% of your daily vitamin C, and a few other micronutrients ❌Cons: not double stuffed oreos. . 😅It's ok to have treats now and again but you should aim to eat MOSTLY foods that are going to help you get your macro AND micronutrients . . 👉I'll also admit grapes are NOT the most nutritious fruit and I usually aim for something with more fiber and more vitamins 👀🥑...but sometimes I just want grapes. Guys EVERY food has pros and cons. . ✊️ so weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself 🤷‍♀️ - Credit: