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why can't my school be this lit 🔥😂 @shitideas
If you send your kids to my house on Halloween, just know it wasn’t me who gave them packages of processed poison, I mean candy lol 💀 Shout out to @katandryry for this one.
The girls in these photos have missed out on school because of the crisis in Syria. They're now enrolled in 1st grade, but they should be in 6th. . They are back in school now, stronger than ever, and with great hopes and big dreams for the future. . Globally, 91% of children attend primary school. For refugees, the figure is far lower, at only 61% – and in low-income countries it falls short of 50%. For refugee children, education is a lifeline to the future. . 📸 UNHCR/ A. Chnkdji #LeftBehind #education #WithRefugees #refugees #teachers #educator #school #backtoschool #children
19 Oktober 1987, telah berlangsung adalah peristiwa kecelakaan tragis yang melibatkan dua buah kereta api di daerah Pondok Betung, Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan. Peristiwa ini disebut dengan Tragedi Bintaro. 156 orang tewas dalam kejadian ini dan 300 orang mengalami luka-luka, kejadian ini disebabkan oleh lalainya petugas yang lalai memberikan tanda saat kereta akan berangkat. Sehingga peristiwa ini merupakan musibah terburuk dalam sejarah perkeretaapian di Indonesia dan Peristiwa ini juga menyita perhatian publik dunia, karena menunjukan betapa bobroknya transportasi masal di Indonesia. Foto : Kereta yang hancur setelah bertabrakan #train #bintaro #busan #jakarta #tragedibintaro #station #rail #stasiun #indonesia #world #history #worldhistory #education #science
me lol 😂😫
Congrats to Daniel ( @leinadlavud) who’s now teaching in @PeaceCorps #SierraLeone! Our #education Volunteers work around the world teaching lessons that last a lifetime. They may work in elementary, secondary or post-secondary schools, teaching math, science, or English. Follow the link in our profile to browse through our education openings and apply before January 1! #peacecorps #howiseepc #education #africa #discover