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Tu y yo aquí sentados, no sé... piénsalo. Etiqueta a alguien con quien te gustaría estar aquí. #Recuerdos #axm #axmparis #francia #travel
The largest free-standing aquarium in the world resides in a hotel lobby in Berlin. At 25 meters high and 12 meters in diameter, the Aquadom is a sight to behold. It contains over one million liters of water, a coral reef, and is home to nearly 2,600 fish from 56 different species. A tank of this caliber can’t be taken in from the ground, and the hotel solved this problem in a grand way. A clear-walled elevator takes guests up through the inside of the tank for a full, 360 degree view of the fish, and the divers who care for them on a daily basis. 📸: Photo by Flickr user VXLA.
A Bike that’s more like a BEAST!! By the way that beast belongs to my super cool doctor @docnavsingh 😎 #BikeLover #Cool #Harley #Blue #Swag #Style #Poser #Ride #Adventure #Travel #Joker
Barneys' Senior CRM Marketing Director @amiisha left half of her heart in Havana. Sanghvi's digital postcard features Cuba's electric and vivid capital all from the view of an iconic vintage car. #bnyvoyage
Can you feel the excitement as you lift your way up to #Uludağ for the first time this year?⠀ ⠀ #Turkey #Homeof #UludagMountain⠀ #Bursa⠀ #SnowboardTurkey
Can‘t photoshop my shoulder 🤟🏼 | Und ich bin wie ich bin und ich kann es nicht ändern. Gestern war es wieder soweit. Ich wurde ermahnt. Ermahnt mehr zu schlafen, weniger Chemie zu essen, Make-up zu benutzen, mehr gesund auszusehen. Weniger Adrienne, mehr an Retusche, mehr an Unfug. Der Mensch ist grausam. Der Mensch ist ungerecht. Der Mensch urteilt. Der Mensch ist unmenschlich. [WIESO?] Ich bin ich und das ist gut so. Für dich 🐫.
When it’s nothing but silence, it can go both ways for me, either I’m thinking about how happy I am for following my dreams or just having a panic attack because it’s been silent too long. 🌅🤔
In their eyes, you are their teacher, their voice of reason, their biggest hero. So guide them down the right path in life. Teach them right from wrong. Show them that anything worth having requires hard work and dedication. Be a voice of inspiration and always be there for them no matter what. LIKE & COMMENT IF YOU AGREE!