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What’s everyone reading this weekend?? 📚✨
Discovering magical places in Edinburgh ✨📚 (📸  @mrsmirabeaux)  Share your adventure photos with us! #linkinbio
Hello, lovelies!! How are you all doing? I really hope you’re having a good day!! If you’re not, just remember that tomorrow is the start of a brand new week. Be sure to hydrate yourself and get plenty of sleep, I thought I’d post this bullet journal spread. I’ve tried something new out and I actually like it?? That’s a first because I normally don’t like what I create. My teacher emailed me yesterday telling me I got 40/50 on the mock exam that I did on Friday, I could’ve done better but it’s over and done with and I’m quite happy I guess? The washi tapes are from Ali Express, they’re so beautiful! And they were so cheap! Be sure to tap for details. I hope you have a lovely day, bye guys!! 💓💕🌷 . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • • • • • • • • #studyspo #study #studygram #studyblr #studyhard #studyinspo #studyinspiration #september2017 #obsession #stationerylove #studysupplies #planner #bulletjournal #bujo #books #bookstagram #studyaccount #bullet #notes #studyaccount #studymotivation #showmeyourplanner #stationery #bujoinspire #bulletjournalcommunity #alevels #plannercommunity #planneraddict #lettering #calligraphy
The magical-looking light ✨ here helps to create an absolutely stunning photograph of the already-gorgeous Library of Congress. As the largest library 📚 in the world, the Library of Congress makes for a fascinating historical and literary experience in the nation’s capital. 📷: @kerrentonsnow #MyDCcool
Yay! It's a thrill to see my new book "The Four Tendencies" on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list. @wsj #fourtendencies #thefourtendencies #gretchenrubin #bestseller #happinessproject #happier2017 #happier #happy #personality #books
⚯͛ #thephilosophersstone | Hermione — Hahahaha her face 😹 they're all so cute in the first movie ☺️ — Q: Describe your day in three emojis! A: 👭🎨🍕
Happy Sunday Folks! It's a lazy Sunday for me. I'm not feeling the greatest so I'm relaxing and watching a new British crime drama on Netflix. It's called The Five. It's about a boy who went missing and then 20 years later his DNA shows up at a crime scene. I gotta say, I'm hooked. . What are you guys reading? Or if your like me, what are you binging? #socksunday
Ja dzisiaj już sobie powoli czytam i notuje wiadomości dotyczące kręgosłupa i kręgów. Póki mam czas to jeszcze robie notatki, ale wątpię, że w roku akademickim będzie na to czas. Będę się musiała uczyć z bezpośrednio z książek, bo notatki zajmują strasznie dużo czasu, ale co ja poradzę, że jak piszę to od razu część już zapamiętuje i jest mi później łatwiej uczyć się z notatek 😫 w liście zadań od @whiterabbitpaper zapisałam sobie już z czego notatki muszę zrobić a planner akademicki od @zaplanujswojsukces ma mi pomóc zorganizować dzień 🤗 ale z racji tego,że dla mnie organizacja jest najważniejsza to w roku akademickim będę korzystała pewnie z plannera, ogólnego planu miesiąca, ogólnego planu tygodnia i z listy zadań 😅 #anatomia #anatomy #physiotherapy #physiotherapystudent #fizjoterapia #studying #study #studygram #studyhard #studyblr #studyspo #studyabroad #bookstagram #books #medicine #myroom #myspace
🎉 GIVEAWAY ALLERT! Nothing gives more meaning to us as a company driven by a mission to know that we’re positively impacting people’s lives 💗 We’re constantly looking for the best ways to share world-class content on the personal development field with you. And from the feedback we’ve been receiving on Instagram, we know that you guys LOVE books. So do we. 😉 We selected the top 5 personal growth books we believe it will awaken your transformation and change radically your perspective on life, and we’re giving them away. From us, to you. . The books? . 1. Stealing fire by Steven Kotler 2. The Four Agreements by @donmiguelruiz 3. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by @vishen 4. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by @robinsharma 5. Conversations with God, book 1, by @nealedonaldwalsch . To enter, simply... 1- Follow @mindvalley 2- Like this post 3- Tag 3 friends who may want to win these books . For extra entry points: - Repost this on your Instagram story and tag @mindvalley - Share this post on your main account, using the hashtag #mindvalley . Giveaway ends on October 1st at 11 pm PST. . Good luck everyone! 🙂
Like most libraries, Shanghai Apartment by Atelier TAO+C brings you to a whisper. The boundless oak bookshelf. Lining almost every wall and beautifully framing openings in its path, it is designed to make the entire apartment appear as a single home library. Photo by Santiago Barrio. #Yellowtrace #YellowtraceInteriors #YellowtraceResidential
•Verimli Çalışmak İçin 🌸
What's your ilvermorny house? Ngl I don't really know what mine is because I've got 3 different results every time... maybe that means I would get to choose ~ 🐶 #harrypotter #siriuslyriddikulus #books #hufflepuff #gryffindor #slytherin #ravenclaw
Big shoutout to @lordgaben48 and his homie for performing #GBSpree DEEZ NOTES by @markperrett! Nice rep!⠀ ⠀ PRACTICE TIPS:⠀ Keep working on height separation (as the phrase gets longer your inner beat heights creep up) and rhythmic accuracy (try to agree more with rhythm and touch in the back sticking segment). Keep going guys! Thanks for the tag!⠀ ⠀ DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC:⠀⠀ ⠀ WHO'S NEXT?⠀ Use #TheGridBookSeries for a feature!⠀ ________________________⠀⠀ Don't forget, EVERYTHING IS ON SALE on! SALE ENDS TOMORROW!⠀ ⠀ #Books #Downloads #Apparel #TimeToGetBetter⠀
If you have used any of these, what is your favorite workout that has become your game changer? I am thinking of making a book with 100 favorite workouts. #swat #specialops #workouts #books #fitness #tacticalathlete #tacticalfitness #navy #navyseals
Como hijo de Gutemberg, todavía soy de los que empieza el día con la prensa escrita en mano. Es grato arrancar el domingo con notas como esta, de @rosannadituri aparecida en @elnacionalweb que ustedes pueden visitar en Gracias a Rosana y a Efren Hernandez de @somosdulcear por la foto. Hacer país con lo que se cocina es tarea de todos los comprometidos con el hecho culinario nacional. Todos son personajes de #ElSeñordelosAliños #cocina #venezuela #criollas #arepa #streetfoods #libros #books
{And Then There Were None 2015} I couldn't decide what still to post from this miniseries for #perioddramahalloween, so here's a collage! And Then There Were None was the first Agatha Christie book I read, it actually terrified me. The story follows 10 strangers who receive an unusual invitation to a solitary mansion based remotely off Britain's Devon Coast. Among the guests is an unstable doctor, an anxious businessman, an irresponsible playboy, and a governess with a secret. Cut off from the outside world, the group arrives at its destination, only to find that darkness awaits them. As people start to mysteriously die, the members of the group realize there is a killer among them. This miniseries definitely does the novel justice. It's a very dark, creepy show that will keep you in suspense. It's got a very macabre, "impending doom" feel to it. Again, it's more of a thriller, not a horror movie, but it can get bloody at times. The cast is amazing, Aidan Turner, Douglas Booth, Anna Maxwell Martin, Charles Dance and Noah Taylor all star in it. I would consider it perfect for Halloween night.
y'ALL there's this hot guy living in the same community on my res so cute can't function
Colorado is known for mountains🏔, hiking🎒, camping⛺️, beer🍻, and the great outdoors - this week on the #UnitedStatesOfBooks, we're reading a gorgeous book (that’s boulder than life!) under the stars. 🌟 . . . In Peter Heller's THE DOG STARS, Hig somehow survived the flu pandemic that killed everyone he knows. Now his wife is gone, his friends are dead, and he lives in the hangar of a small abandoned airport with his dog, Jasper, and a mercurial, gun-toting misanthrope named Bangley. . . . Find more books set in Colorado via the link in our bio! 📚 . . . We're happy to offer another @homesick candle giveaway! LIKE this post and TAG two friends for chance to win this Colorado candle! 🕯 Giveaway ends 9/24. Full rules here: . . . #colorado #coloradolife #coloradolove #coloradoliving #hiking #bookstagram #amreading #bookworm #books #instabook #booknerd #bookrec
Mam takie wrażenie, że nie zabraknie mi lektur w najbliższym czasie...😂🙈📚 #books
✨ merhaba ✨ Geç başlayıp gün hedefini yetiştirmekle uğraşanlar onlayn mı? Valla çok geç de kalkmadım ama neden başlamadım erkenden bilmiyorum. Yetişsin üstüne de bir pazar filn keyfi yapayım istemiştim .. Üç dört beşi ben niye 11 de beğenmeyip bir kenara atmışım anlamadım . Gayet güzel sorular kaliteli. Çözümleri de var sitede ama bi mutlak değerin çözümünü bulamadım bilen varsa bana ulaşsın acil 😅. Yeni aldığım @fidesyayinlari paragraf kitabına bayıldımm iki gündür baya ilerledim kitapta. Geri kalanları hallettmek için ben derse uçuyorum Keyifli pazarlar💖 #ygs #lys #2018tayfa #ygs2018 #lys2018 #2018ygslys #2018ygs #study #studying #studyblr #student #studybreak #motivasyon #motivastion #books #mezun #inspire #mezuntayfa
popping in for a while to say hello and i miss this community✨ the weather has been awfully gloomy lately and it serioislt feels a lot more like autumn than spring here in australia🌬 so i've been snuggled up with tea and some morning reflections. i'm finishing up my current read (the dazzling heights) and my review should be up in a couple of days. also, how cute are these glasses from @eyebuydirect 😍 i don't normally fancy clear frames but these completely took me by surprise. they're absolutely nerdy and elegant!✨🤓♥️
Yay or Nay ? 💙 Leave your comment..💭 Tag your besties 👯 Follow:📷 @dresschoice🎀 ➡️Shop Link in bio ❤️
Первая книга, которая подсадила меня на иглу чтения - «Гарри Поттер». Та, что заставила стать фанатом классики - «Преступление и наказание». В мир романтики погрузила Джоан Харрис, а фентези - «Властелин колец». По ночам я не спала из-за Кинга, а еще Бернарда Вербера (не из-за страха, просто не могла остановиться). В моей жизни было много классики, фантастики, романтики, биографий. Чуть-чуть ужасов и приключений. Никогда не было стихов и детективов, не чувствую я их. Но сейчас - сплошная бизнес-литература 📚 Потому что, закрывая прочитанную книгу, я уже чуть-чуть другой человек. Иногда не чуть-чуть. Но всегда с пользой делу. • О книгах, которые понравились мне. Про бизнес и для его развития. Читайте в новой статье в блоге 😎 Ссылка есть в профиле 👆 Да-да, к опросу я прислушалась и написала о том, за что вы голосовали у меня на странице. Спасибо 💫 . P.S. Наконец-то, в #wishdo_blog не только про SMM 🙈 Понравился обзор? Полезно? Напишите, буду признательна 🖤 #wishdo_books #books #kiev #vscoua #vscobooks #business #книги #киев #бизнес #стартап
Hello,Guys👋 Tədris ilinin ilk həftəsi necə keçdiz sizin üçün?😂 #wallpaperolabiler #books #Narmeen
Para los amantes de Murakami...y de los gatos. 🙋🏻 De este libro me espantaba un poco el título, pero apenas comencé a leerlo y a disfrutarlo se me fue como si nada. Sabemos que Murakami es rarito pero chévere. Cuál es el libro de él que más les gusta? --- #bookish #booknerd #bookstagram #bookaholic #bookaddict #booklover #bookworm #book #books #libro #libros #read #reading #instabook #igers #igreads #bibliophile #ForTheLoveOfReading #bookreading #instareads #bookcommunity #lovereading #currentlyreading
{Murder on the Orient Express - 2017} Sooooo excited to see this! I'm hoping to read the book before it's release in November! I saw the itv 2010 version of it a few years ago (probably in 2010 because I have hardly any memory of it), and I thought it had a star studded cast until I heard that this one was being made! I mean, look at that cast! I was flicking around the Italian television channels the other day and came across the 2013 "Agatha Christie's Marple: Endless Night", I was glued from the beginning to the end, so that's another that I want to read! "And The There Were None" is also on my list! Do you have a favourite Agatha Christie novel? #perioddrama #murderontheorientexpress #agathachristie #poirot #kennethbranagh #daisyridley #johnnydepp #judidench #andthentherewerenone #aidanturner #poldark #endlessnight #aneurinbarnard #tomhughes #missmarple #janeausten #sherlockholmes #prideandprejudice #bookstagram #books #classicbooks #charlesdickens #greatexpectations #outlander #period
안녕하세요 ✨ Well, this weekend went by way too fast. 🙃🙃🙃 BUT. I'm determined to finished The Unbearable Lightness of Being because I have 50 pages left, and I want to start The Stepford Wives, I have a feeling it's gonna be a really good read. 😍 How was your weekend? ✨
Knjiga od kristala nađena na dnu okeana📚🌊 #books #bookstagram #ocean #crystals #kultivisi_se
"O lar da srta. Peregrine para crianças peculiares" narra a saga de Jacob Portman, um adolescente de 16 anos que segue as pistas deixadas após a morte do avô para descobrir um lugar mágico que abriga crianças com poderes especiais. O local guarda muitos mistérios e é protegido pela diretora Srta. Peregrine. #livros #books #euamoler #Intrínseca