It's Friday! 😏 The perfect time to have a pizza by the tv! 🍕

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Something I always thought about is why so many people get provoked by pics where woman use less clothes. Like a bikini or underwear🤔 And I don't think it's about the clothes or lack of clothes, I think it's because how we express ourself🙋🏼 If a woman looks confident and showing off her body, she will get hate, because people that are insecure about themself will feel that they are not good enough 🙅🏼 But you are! Stop feeling that you aren't good enough and try to be inspired by other people. I know it can be hard to show love if you don't love yourself first ❤️ I'm not here to be cocky or just want to show off my body because I think I'm better than you, I just want to show my happiness and pride so you can get inspired doing the same thing✨ #fitness #transform #fitmom #weightloss #mom
WORKOUT like a Mad Man/Woman 👹 Order Yours➡️ Filmed➡️ @jackdmedia #hyphymud #hyphyaminos #supplements #fitness #healthylifestyle #commercial
REMINDER (take note 📝) This workout will ‘NOT’ burn your stubborn stomach fat!! This type of workout will certainly improve muscle definition and improve your core strength. But for those smashing ab workouts on a daily basis and still asking questions here’s your reminder 👍🏻 Here’s a list for you to work on.. . 1. Continue with your daily ab workout for definition 👍🏻 2. Add functional and circuit training to your workouts (burn fat gain muscle) 3. High intensity intervals at the end of your sessions (burns fat) 🏃🏽‍♂️💨 4. Reduce the amount of 💩 you eat, cutting out sugar and alcohol as much as you can ❌🍔🍫🍹❌ 5. Follow a fitness plan 4-8-12 weeks depending on your current shape and fitness level. Available at 👍🏻 6. Don’t give up!! Pretty straight forward as always, hope this helps 👍🏻 #core #coreworkout #abs #absworkout #sixpack #fatburner #bbg #dubai #fitness #weightloss #fitnesstips
Fall seven times, stand up eight. 💪