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    21-Apr-2017 17:48:06 PM
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Here is a reply video I sent one of my protégés who was seeking advice on some boxing only pad work footage they sent me. I believe you will like it. The focus has been solely boxing lately but make no mistakes, the kicking and grappling aspects, and everything else got to do with unlimited free fighting, is still very much present in my thoughts. Floyd may crap his jocks after all and if so I will go back to true fighting or just pick another boxer like manny or something. But whatever that's another conversation. I like to build fighters and watch their progression. I have built many to this date, and all unintentionally. One is fighting in the UFC main event this weekend. When my son is born I will build him up into a multiple free fighting world champion also. Just like his old man. I look forward to it.
“If your heart is always your guide, then you always make the right decision, even if it hurts.” - #PaulWalker #TeamPW
I am happy to announce that Charlie Ward will have his redemption fight on the UFC Scotland card. It is hard work and focus from here on in for him. He must not only win here. He must dominate. I am confident he will make things right and show his true fighting capabilities. Thank you @danawhite and the @UFC!
Tomorrow, we surprise four friends from Alabama. I gave them the Ala and @ChanningTatum gave them the Bama.
Great job to everyone on the program! Don't forget to take your post workout recovery shakes always with @bsnsupplements! To be a @Reebok athlete and to continue course on the @conormcgregorfast program we must recover correct during every step of the 12 week program! Good luck everyone 👊
#Happy420, everybody.
One year ago today I came back from retirement. Every single person doubted me. Every single fighter doubted me. DOUBT ME NOW. Here is my first ever limited edition T-shirt for all my fans. Never succumb to the doubt of others! Get yours here: - AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY (Link in Bio)
More work I never stop. Something BIG is coming stay tuned!
I don't need glasses I just like how they look on my face even tho they tilt on me cos of my banged up nose and ears I still feel like I look good happy Thursday everyone how's that 75milli make your stomach feel? It's actually 100+ milli if we go by the non conservative numbers the fight will actually do and that's not including my endorsements and business ventures. 28 years of age. Fresh cunt. Doubt me now 🙌
Today is red zone day on the Conor McGregor FAST conditioning program for me. What zone are you in today? @conormcgregorfast
Thank you @time magazine and @schwarzenegger for including me in this years "TIME 100 Most influential people" list 🙌
Today we are in the 'Green Zone' on Conor McGregor's FAST conditioning program! Happy Saturday everyone, stay safe out there. @conormcgregorfast
จี้เพชร เพชรหนักรวม 1.01ct. ทอง 7.01กรัม ราคา 59,500.- ติดต่อ 0896254321 Line Nichakannun. (มีจุด) #จี้เพชร #จี้ #เพชรเชอร์รี่นาฬิกา #เพชรหัวใจ #ให้แฟน #ให้แม่ #ของขวัญให้แฟน #ของขวัญวันเกิด
Celebrating the opening of #MACPro Ponce city in Atlanta Georgia! #MACSeniorArtist @keriblair is on site providing tips and tricks. Tune in!
At the end of the day, these are who I ride for 💯
Sending our #kisses with @theartistzoobs all the way to #Russia from #WeHo 💋💋💋
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That was a great fight. Proud of my brother Artem! What a ride it's been for the Russian Hammer. In a career filled with ups and downs he has never backed down from anything. Nothing but love and respect always my brother ❤
Slap or Pass? 😱😱😱 @ViralHog
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