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😰I created this video to show my gratitude for each and person who made our journey & experience in the east coast so special. 🎥(link to video in bio) _ I knew eventually this day would come, and my family and I would have to leave New Jersey. _ Over the past 9+ years New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, have welcomed my family I with open arms. _ We welcomed 2 daughters in Jersey, we experienced some of the most memorable events during our time here. _ With the blessing of being a professional athlete, I was so thankful to have the chance of getting more involved in the community, and it was the greatest fulfillment of my life to date. _ Doing this video was the best way I could think of to show my thankfulness for all the amazing memories we'll take with us. _ Thank you so much for making the last 9 years, the best years of my life. #Blessed #NYG #Jets #Thankful _
"The Most Difficult Thing Is The Decision To Act, The Rest Is Merely Tenacity. The Fears Are Paper Tigers. You Can Do Anything You Decide To Do. You Can Act To Change And Control Your Life; And The Procedure, The Process Is It's Own Reward." #dreamchasingfamily #dcm #dcf #commirza #entrepeneur #entrepreneursofinstagram #business #mindset #dedication #believe #rollsroyce #achieve #quotes
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Be brave. Never look back. Move forward with your life and create something new. The past is the past. What is done is done. There's only forward. 🙏🏻🌊