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    21-Apr-2017 17:38:11 PM
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🌚 Night x Day 🌞 @nyxcosmeticsnordics #nyxcosmeticsnordics On my face: - NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette BRIGHTS - NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow #LOL - NYX Pigments Night: #PEACOCK Day: #SHANGHAISUN - NYX FACE & Body Glitter #CRYSTAL - NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette - NYX White Liquid Liner - NYX Jumbo Pencil #MILK, #COTTAGECHEESE + #BLACKBEAN
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Cheeky hattrick in the 4-3 win ⚽️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
A muchos lugares. 😳 Jelou, es Eli la peor admin por no publicar nada de nada. En verdad siento eso. PREGUNTA ¿animal favorito? ~eyz
Just in case you think I only eat dessert. Annnnnd let's be honest, I do three times a day. Of course my 13.5 mile bike ride yesterday took me next to a patio where someone was smashing cheese sticks. So naturally, I had to make some today. Macros for all 12 of these pieces with the sauce are 25P,8.35F,15C,225 calories. Swipe right for pictures of the ingredients. 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare a pan with aluminum foil and spray. Set aside. Prepare 12g of Italian bread crumbs in a small bowl with parsley mixed in. Pour 15g of egg white in another small bowl. Mix in a dash of salt and pepper. Pour 4.5g of quinoa flour in another small bowl. You can use other flour, this is just most macro friendly. 2. Cut three pieces of light string cheese in half. You can stop here and have 6 bigger pieces OR you can slice those down the middle and have 12 smaller pieces. I found it was easier to coat with small pieces. 3. Cover each piece in flour. Shake off extra flour. Dip in the egg white immediately. Then coat in the bread crumbs. Move each piece to the pan covered in aluminum foil. AFTER THEY ARE DONE FREEZE FOR 30 minutes. This is important and will not work if you don't. After you remove them from freezer, spray with the spray butter a few times. After this step is complete bake at 400 degrees for 15 mins turning the cheese sticks every 5 mins. Enjoy! #iifym #balance #flexibledieting #cheatmeal #lowfat #lowcarb #italian #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #foodgram #food #foodporn #cheese #cheesy #nutrition #fitfam #fitness #foodie
#MondayMotivation ( Tag your gym partner 💪🏽) The start of the week means you get another chance to be a better person than you were last week. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean it has to be horrible. Start your week on a positive note, get active, eat right, take it day by day because results don't come overnight. Change doesn't happen immediately. Keep working towards your goals and I guarantee you it’ll end your Monday on a positive note as well. Hydrating with @1stphorm green apples BCAA's during & after my workout to stay hydrated & help prevent next day muscle soreness. 💪🏽 #DollyCastro #iam1stphorm #RaiseYourBar - 📹: @kevinostaj
#New Candice strolling through East Village in New York, Apr 26! @angelcandices #candiceswanepoel
Another piece from my collection! 💄 #hannaliciousfornakd
Guys night?
Things are getting serious 👕👘👖first step done 😎👌🏼the guys from @mobelsport are doing amazing stuff ✍🏼🖨 . . #trisuit #tracksuit #mobel #personalised #trilife #triathlon #triathlete #printing #design #amazing #love #clothes #spain #mobelsport #swim #bike #run #travel #company #work #goodjob #loveit
Life is art, Paint your dreams.✨ • Don't tell people about your dreams... SHOW THEM.💫 • I have dreamt of this day since the first moment I stepped on stage. When you envision your goals and take pride in your hard work you can turn your dreams into reality.✨ • Thank you @paul_dillett & @allisondillett for putting on the best show in the industry & creating such an amazing brand that is prestigious to be a part of. I am honored to wear this crown @wbff_official. I give a huge thanks to my sponsor Pivotal Fitness who made this show possible for me. @pivotalfitness_sc . My coach @n8fitness for his guidance, support & helping me bring in my best physique yet. The one and only amazing stage coach @toby.harrison for working with me for a year to bring my best presence to the stage. Such a beautiful soul he has. My stunning bikini made by @magicbikinis who made me shine bright like a diamond in the sky!! Kathy is so humble and such a joy to work with and does an outstanding job. The impeccable themewear designers @davey_massaccesi & @renata.fabhats_10 for creating an unbelievable, breath taking piece of art that made feel like a true queen. I love these women soo much! And last but not least, my other half @bigirish8 for being my rock, love, mentor, and number one fan. I love you. You inspire me everyday by how much faith you have in me. This weekend couldn't have been more perfect with my whole family being able to watch the show and cherish this incredible moment with me. #StillOnCloudNine 👑😍❤️💫 • • Photoshoot sneak peak after being crowned the 2017 North American Pro Fitness Champion👑💖 @whiterussianphotography #2017NorthAmericanFitnessChamp #WBFFpro #BestOfTheBest #fitness #fashion #glamour #runway #victoriasecret #model #physique #motivation #inspiration #fashionshow #wbffla #wbfflaproam #wbffangels #angels #divas #ProChamp
Limpieza de galería :v -zenzual( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PLYO WORK 1. 5-10 each side 2. 60 seconds 3. 10 each side 4. 30seconds each leg 3-5 rounds #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #motivation #fit #fitness #fitgirl #fitfotareason #inspire #boxjumps #plyo
Reminiscing on what was one of my favourite sessions of the year, a 2 HR TT building to 280 W (just below half IM pace). We all know the state of delirium we get during some of our best sessions. I was deep into the delirium this day and I was absolutely loving it. • • • #triathlon #love #scottbikes #triathlete #tri365 #training #avantiplus_salisbury #cyclist #giro #shimano #oakley #sockdoping #hbstache #zipp #adelaide #socks | @bikeonscott @loves_scott_bikes @avantiplus_salisbury | @bradwauer 👏📸
och ines&jag hade det mkt trevligt på sidan om fotbollsplanen! ☀️😍 ines hade turen att hennes bästa föriskompis greta var där som hon kunde busa järnet med! gulligaste gullungarna! ❤️👭🙌🏻🐧 och jag hade gött häng med andra goa fotbollsmorsor (ping @lisawal & @petra7167)! 👌🏻😘 #fotbollsmorsa #fotbollslillsyrra
Have a good day!
When you have the two best besties in the world and they surprise you with the cutest birthday breakfast ever! 🎈love you guys @georgiasverns @livcole1 #happybirthdaytome
"Spring is the time of plans and projects" ~Leo Tolstoy 🌞🌼🌸🌿 #spring #quote #tbt
Spelling words, snacking, fractions and bubble blowing and of course sharing with Notch... always so much going on... keeping my head on the swivel 👀 #.
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