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http://brandfuge.io/_gaiassUnd irgend

Und irgendwann schauen wir auf jetzt zurück🐾 #me #girl #selfie #maiunsorriso #brunette #picoftheday #lip

  • Che bella 😘
    21-Apr-2017 19:54:33 PM
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back at it after a nice 4 day break 😊💖 (tried for 7 but that didn't work out) #happyweekend
Наш вчерашний изумительный красавец на годовасие Анечки🌸🌸🌸 Ванильный с сырно-сливочным кремом, муссом на белом шоколаде и клубничкой🍓 С мамой Анечки мы всегда на одной волне, поэтому и тортики для @taisiya_buklanova у меня всегда получаются особенные💓 Спасибо за ваше безграничное доверие, и за то, что снова и снова возвращаетесь к нам! Счастлива, что у меня самые лучше клиенты!😍 По всем вопросам просьба писать в директ или вотсап (номер в профиле)🙏🏻 бОльшую часть комментариев под фото не успеваем отслеживать! #InstaSize #kasadelika #cake #cakes #cupcake #cupcakes #cook_good #chefs_battle #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #vscogood #vscorostov #vscorussia #food #follow #foodpic #followme #foodporn #foodphoto #foodstagram #instafood #good_food #instalife #beautifulfood #show_me_your_food #happybirthday #капкейкиростов #ростов #тортыростов
Chocolate cupcakes and a rose for my sister @cathy_fiorentino for her birthday. Wishing you the very best today and always 🎉😘💕
Brazil 1993
Sage green watercolour & silver leaf cake for Jodie and Warren, married at @gumgullyfarm 💍 Jodie & Warren came to us with their very own design and we were so thrilled to bring it to life for them on their big day! 💙
see you soon, sunshine! 🌻❤
@josh_killacky everyone... Missed having you in class kid!! Can't get enough of you and happy for all the new opportunities coming ur way, including having just performed on Ellen! Danced with these two special ladies @sayaninja (can someone tag them! --------- Choreo by myself #alexanderchung filmed by @rudexboy At @mdcdance Track #idontwannaliveforever @taylorswift @zayn #dance #millenniumdancecomplex #allblackeverything lol
Y Duplex #Penthouse designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects #d_signers ______ Location: Tel Aviv, #Israel Photo by Amit Geron
By Mike Mahle Full Image in My Story #GreenArrow #Arrow #DC #DCComics
Foto mamadora porque creo que me salió vagina.
you wanna hear a little dream i have? i wanna... wait 😝 im GONNA get our N¥ toyz made in2 3D characters... den me and ¥ are write da illest fukn story ever... maybe we'll call it: The Weird Adventures Of Ninja & ¥o-landi... or The Legend Of Zef... da rest will b history😎 #N¥4eva @ashleywoodart @worldof3a
A brownie and a cookie met, they didn't click, they popped! 😱 🔗 Brownie pops INGREDIENTS - 2 cups Nutella - 3 eggs - 1 cup flour - Chocolate chip cookie dough - Dark chocolate, melted - White chocolate, melted  DIRECTIONS 1. Toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, cookies, chocolate chips. 2. Set the oven to 350*F. 3. Mix the Nutella, eggs and flour until incorporated. 4. Pour dough into a greased 8”x8” baking pan. Dot with cookie dough. 5. Bake for 25 minutes and allow the brownies to cool completely. 6. Cut the brownie into bite-sized squares, and skewer the squares on popsicle sticks. 7. Dip the brownie bites in white or dark chocolate and top with your favorite toppings.
Last day filming. Took a break in between shots to answer questions for my buddy Arlo's 3rd Grade Project on the moral quandaries that define each superheroes journey. My favorite query: Would you trade your bow and arrow for a jet pack? Feels like a Thursday.
Vanilla and salted caramel 😋 #Friday 💕
Snickers & Vanilla Chai cupcakes 🦋
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