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Great color 👄 Yes or No? 👌🏻 Via @fashionzine
#FBF "..what is the take away, don't mess with Maui when he's a breakaway.." Some dope behind the scenes footage of me singing "You're Welcome" from our 2x Oscar nominated #MOANA with my main ace, the masterful Lin Manuel Miranda The BEST thing these days is when I meet really little children who only know me from Moana, and they're SHOCKED and just stare at me in silence when I start talking because in their little magical minds, they're hearing #Maui actually speak to them. When they finally work up the courage, the first thing they ask me where all Maui's hair went? 😂 To which I say, "Well Maui had to get a haircut but he's still just as powerful" and I show them my tattoos. Then they smile huge. And then I'll say now today's your lucky day kids because daddy and mommy are going to take you for ice cream and toy shopping and will buy ANYTHING YOU WANT! The children go BANANAS with excitement. The parents look at me like I just ruined their day and I belly laugh. Evil Maui. 😈 #fbf #Maui #Moana #ItsTheLittleThings #YoureWelcome #Disney
😊😊😊❤️ #home
You can't be for sale and priceless at the same time. #ChooseSmartly Pic credit @aditi_bhatia4
The skipper is now on Instagram! Give him a follow: @p_mertesacker - #arsenal #gunners #COYG #WeAreTheArsenal
Awesome growth. THANK YOU. Our @sevenbucksds is over 2m "subs" in less than a year and becoming the most sought after digital company in Hollywood when it comes to creating cool and dope content for fans. THANK YOU guys for the support and for loving the content. Major props to our digital team of hard working, creative and entertaining ROCK STARS who make it all happen. While I just run around saying shit like, "Stay woke" #SevenBucksDigital #ChangingTheGame #StayWoke
💯 starts for @hectorbellerin 💪
Nowy dzień 🌱🌸👌🌞 #czwartek #wiosna #słońce #piekniejest
We have scored more second-half goals in the #PremierLeague than any other team this season (40). #Arsenal #AFCvLCFC #COYG #Nacho
You ready for the cup final? 🔴 You can get 30% off all kit at ArsenalDirect, just click the link in our bio! #WeAreTheArsenal #COYG #gunners #arsenal
В какую страну вы бы хотели поехать отдохнуть? Я, например, очень хочу увидеть Португалию 🏄🏻‍♀️⛱
Our kind of #ootd! 😉 Tee €6/$7 (Available in: 🇮🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹🇺🇸) #Primark #womenswear
Beşiktaşımız, Spor Toto Süper Lig'in 29. haftasında M. Başakşehir ile karşılaşacak. #Beşiktaş
#onestepcloserpakholive2017 @punkhippie 今晚,你加油呀💪🏻💪🏻
Хочу рассказать о моих впечатлениях от теней Lime Crime Venus и Venus II. Тени потрясающие! Очень пигментированные, мягкие, яркие и приятные в работе. Легко наносятся, растушевываются и держатся весь день. Здорово подобраны оттенки (особенно в палетке Venus, ибо я люблю красный) и оформление самих палеток просто 🔥. Если сравнивать тени Lime Crime с другими популярными марками типа Tarte или Too Faced, можно сказать, что у них более мягкая и насыщенная текстура, которая быстрее передает цвет. Приятный бонус! На сайте ilovemakeup.ru несколько дней будет действовать скидка 10% по промокоду MARIAVISKUNOVA на продукцию Lime Crime.
Front view of the iconic #Ferrari #FerrariEnzo. #RossoFerrari #MuseoFerrari #Maranello #details Live the dream at museomaranello.ferrari.com
Mardin yolcusu kalmasın der kaçarız bu şehirden 😍✌🏼Salı günü sipariş almaya devam edeceğiz 🙏 #mardin #memleket #minnoşlar #tatil #keyif
La vibra de este lugar..
La plage Agon coutainville
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