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Befriending someone new is not easy. Follow @9gag - - - 📹harikai_chiri | Twitter #9gag #hedgehog #shibainu #dog #cute
Sometimes you eat pancakes with Berry Nicecream 🍦🍓 and it melts because you're stuffing around, and you have frozen mango since it's not in season here anymore - and it ends up being delicious 😋❤️💛 Happy Sunday from Australia everyone 😘 #pancakes #pancakesunday
Nope. Follow @vt_co . . . Credit: JP Sears #funny #funnyvideos #funnyaf #funnyshit #funny #fall
it is so beautiful how delicious healthy foods naturally are. seriously, it's marvelous 💚🙌🏻. healthy eating isn't something i have to "try" to do. i'm not fighting cravings - it comes naturally. i truly LOVE this lifestyle. i no longer feel conflict, guilt, fear, or resistance around food. and i believe this loving, healthy relationship with food is accessible to everyone. it takes some work, surrendering, challenging currently-held ideas... but it is possible. it is possible to feel peace about the food you eat. it is possible to enjoy meals that are naturally packed with nutrients. a whole-food plant-based diet is a haven of healthiness. i am ever grateful for finding it, and i want to help as many people as i can to find a healthy relationship with food - and with themselves ✨. it's all connected, and it's all possible.
Video by @ronan_donovan // Seasonal change is one of my favorite parts about living in the north. The winter is a great equalizer in the natural system. The frozen Yellowstone River becomes a torrent in spring as the high elevation snowpack melts, nourishing the landscape below. Hop on over to @ronan_donovan for some sounds of spring. #montana #picoftheday #nature
I have been high carb long enough to know that you can't possibly have breakfast too often. So I had a second one as a dinner replacement 😋👌 Bought some delicious berries earlier and just prepared a muesli 😊 I am also really happy to announce that I finished my very first blog post about instagram. You can find it on www.highcarbguru.com/blog Enjoy and join the newsletter. Will keep you updated and there is a lot to come 🤓
Mmmmm it smells so good! I want to top this duo with cranberries, mulberries, raspberries, strawberries and hazelnuts🍓🍇🌰 any more ideas? Which one would you choose? RECIPE⤵ Red; 1 cup frozen beet 1 cup fresh pineapple🍍 1 cup fresh blackberries🍇 1/2 coconut water Pink; 1 cup frozen cherries🍒 1 scoop coconut yogurt 1 cup fresh strawberries🍓 and watermelon🍉 #nutritiomatic #nutritious #healthy #smoothierecipe #tropical #exotic #coconutbowl #beachfeelings #beachvibes #beach #smoothies #instagood #smoothie #foodporn #banana #healthyeating #healthychoices #organic #smoothiebowl #fruit #fruits #fitdutchie #instafood #smoothieking #healthylifestyle
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Коньяк в лесу-дело серьезное🖕🏻
🔊when you get too comfortable with your partner 🐶🐶Follow @9gag - - 📹 @operation_sumo - #9gag #sleepover #bulldog #fart
W drodze do Wrocławia🚂🌞💙💚💛🎂Urodziny Julii świętujemy we Wroclawiu......Cudowna pogoda w końcu Słoneczko #dworzec #pociag #,stacja #urodziny #wycieczka #
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