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    21-Apr-2017 17:30:20 PM
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you ain't got no flacko in your serato?!
Lately I been heartless, I been balling...everything I got I got it from grinding! #Heavychamp frfr
엄마랑 외출했던 토요일, 엄마는 말씀하셨져용 오늘은 화장안했니?.....;;;🤷🏻‍♀️ 쌩눈이지만 피부에라도 급히 생기를 심어보았습니당🌬 #vtcosmetic #베리콜라겐팩트 #레드콜라겐팩트
Spin me forever!
싢복절 만세🙌
Celebrate friendship! #SendIt
Back here for three more starting tomorrow afternoon. #MNTwins
Im alone but I'm not lonely. Comfortably indulging and trying to get to know me. I'm just an outline of what I used to be. Constantly evolving. Steadily revolving. I am confidently lost. I don't need you to find me. You don't define me. - Sabrina Claudio : Confidently Lost ❤️ currently my favorite song ! I was the pure definition of introverted growing up ! haha it's funny to me now, how I've somewhat bloomed out of that stage lol but the moments I had alone, I appreciated because I learned not only a lot about myself but loved myself the most. Anytime I'm quiet , alone in a little corner or going for a walk in the park , is not because I'm "sad" or feeling "lonely". we all need a little time to ourselves as a refresh button. A check up. As a human being, you are most definitely deserving of some "Me Time". take a listen. I promise you, you'll love me forever 🙈
Great weekend! All 3 nights made my heart happy, such great fans. Now off to #RAW 😏
Never posted, but the next stop in my journey 🙌🏽🔵⚪️
Back out the door !!! Look 2 !! #AtlNights Stylist : @sudistyle Hairstylist : @nikkrokkshair Mua: @makeupbykimaris Hair: @dhairboutique
Dia incrível ao lado do meu Ed cover 😂 a gente ama @teddysphotos demais da conta e foi lindo vê-lo cantar ao vivo mais uma vez! Um verdadeiro espetáculo ❤️ obrigada @moveconcertsbrasil @gabesimas
Good night. ✌🏻 #algonquin
double tap if cute 😇🐶
My girl @sommerray 😍 all natural hottie! @sommerray 🔥Follow!!
Link in our bio! 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
.mov 💪
คิดว่าในลำดับต่อไป เราจะนินทาใครกันอย่างสนุกสนานคะ คำใบ้ พี่ชายและผัว
Lights dancing of the Aurora Borealis in Norway ✨ PC: @jude_allen
Thanks @lynn.collins for the entry to our #pawzmodelcontest 🐶🐾
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